• Picturephone from BekkahWalker_net

    7 Quick Tips for Your Next Videoconferenced Deposition

    How Do I Schedule a Videoconference? Seven Helpful Tips Behold, the Picturephone! Developed in the 1960s, AT&T's Picturephone was like something straight out of The Jetsons and was poised to lead the marketplace into a future filled with [...]
  • keyboard-with-heart

    Why We Love What We Do

    Casamo & Associates Sees Creating Your Transcripts as a Labor of Love When most people hear the term “court reporter,” they probably picture a well-dressed individual typing at lightning speed during a stressful trial. As far as court [...]
  • Accuracy-meter

    Who Do You Trust With Your Transcripts?

    Why We Care So Deeply About Transcript Accuracy and Cleanliness You caught us—we love creating gorgeous transcripts. From format to grammar, we respect our craft and work hard to ensure that your transcripts benefit from our keen eye for [...]
  • Deposition transcript

    Planning Ahead With Transcripts

    Should You or Your Client Order an Extra Transcript? As the case you’ve worked on for months comes to a close, you begin to tie up your lose ends. You ensure that your client is prepared to take on the next chapter in her life post-proceeding, [...]
  • Avocado_small

    Fatten Up Your Brain for a Competitive Edge

    Attorneys, Here's How to Train Your Brain Being hungry or navigating a blood sugar drop is not a recipe for success in any environment, much less in a courtroom or a deposition, and the fact is that attorneys do not pay nearly enough attention [...]
  • ASAP

    Transcript Timelines Affect Everyone

    What Your Court Reporter Hears When You Say “I Need My Transcripts as Soon as Possible” “I need this ASAP.” As soon as possible—what does this really mean? In your daily life, it probably is closer to “as soon as it’s convenient.” Among [...]
  • woman-with-documents

    Transcripts in Every Form

    From Rough Draft to Final Masterpiece, Your Transcript Evolves in Form and Meaning Let’s face it: as friendly as the court reporters at Casamo & Associates are, attorneys don’t call on us just for our scintillating conversation skills. [...]
  • court reporter and lawyer

    When to Check in With Your Court Reporter

    Help Us Help You: When to Check in With Your Court Reporter During a Deposition At Casamo & Associates, we pride ourselves on our excellent team. We know that the court reporters we send to attorneys and courts throughout the Virginia, [...]
  • caduceus-and-scales

    Court Reporters and HIPAA Regulations

    HIPAA Regulations Should Influence Your Choice of Court Reporting Service As an attorney who regularly represents clients in the medical or insurance industries, you know the importance of HIPAA—the federal Health Insurance Portability and [...]
  • moot-court-student

    Court Reporters Benefit Law Students in Mock Trials

    Real-World Experience in a Learning Environment: Making Mock Trials More “Real” for Students by Including Court Reporters The court reporters at Casamo & Associates have years of real-world experience working in court, on depositions, on [...]
  • arbitration court reporting

    Call Casamo for Your Arbitration Needs

    Casamo & Associates Provides Arbitration and Mediation Court Reporting Services In the legal world, time is money. When individuals or businesses are involved in legal troubles, it behooves them to resolve the situation as quickly as [...]
  • BBB accredited court reporting business

    Why a BBB Accredited Court Reporting Service Is Best

    BBB Is Best: Why the Better Business Bureau Accreditation Matters When Hiring a Court Reporting Service Most people have heard of the Better Business Bureau, but how many know what this organization truly does for consumers? If people know [...]
  • NCRA Ethics First supporter

    How We Support Ethics in Court Reporting

    We Took the Pledge: A Look at NCRA’s Ethics First Program If you haven’t hired a court reporting service before, you are probably wondering why we’re on our soapbox about business ethics. After all, we just show up, write down everything that [...]
  • on demand court reporting

    On-Demand Court Reporting Services

    We’re Ready When You Are: Call Casamo & Associates When Time Is of the Essence Most attorneys plan their days down to the minute, trying to maximize their efficiency and performance for their clients and their firm. Of course, most [...]
  • Courtroom Items

    What You Deserve From Your Court Reporting Firm

    A Promise to Our Attorney Partners Horror Stories From Our Friends in the Law Want to hear a good joke about lawyers? No? We don’t either. We have many friends in the legal business; most are advocates, and a few are on the bench. And [...]
  • Videographer for Video Deposition

    Plan Ahead for Your First (or Next) Video Deposition

    You Can Help Your Next Video Deposition Launch Smoothly…and Land Successfully The ability to complement the court reporter’s text of a deposition with a video has been a positive boon for attorneys. This is the video age. Jurors are used to [...]
  • Keyboard-and-gavel

    Four Ways Attorneys Can Save Money on Video Depositions

    Many attorneys are wary of investing in high-tech recording equipment to create video depositions. While a recorded deposition may be beneficial to some attorneys for one client per year, others rely on video testimony for each and every case. [...]
  • Who are Court Reporters

    Court Reporters: Who Are We?

    Court Reporter, Court Stenographer: Our Roles by Any Other Name Would Sound as Sweet When you think of court reporting, you would probably picture it attracting professionals that are the strong, silent type (Get it? “Type”? Humor isn’t always [...]
  • Off the Record in Deposition

    On and Off the Record: The Rules for a Deposition

    Why Your Deposition Reporter May Refuse to Let You Go “Off the Record” Consider this scenario: You’re an attorney who is conducting depositions into a complicated abuse of discretion case. The opposing counsel and his client will be present, [...]
  • Video Depositions Reduce Travel

    How Video Depositions Can Reduce Travel

    Help for Attorneys That Hate to Fly   Let’s Face it, Flying Scares People I recently flew from D.C. to Los Angeles and was seated next to a woman who appeared to grow increasingly nervous as the plane readied for takeoff. As the [...]