• Digital vs Human Court Reporting

    Does It Pay to Cut Costs With Digital Courtrooms?

    Nothing Like the Real Thing: Digital Courtrooms Pose Problems These days, it seems as though everything is made easier with technology. We have thousands of books available to us at our fingertips on a tablet that we can fit in the palm of our [...]
  • Robot Court Reporter

    Will Technology Save Us From the Court Reporter Shortage?

    In the courtroom and in the deposition chamber, the court reporter is an essential part of making the justice system work. Indeed, Judge Greg Galler, who presides over Minnesota’s Washington County Courthouse, has written, “One of the most [...]
  • stenography machine

    Court Reporter Shortages Cause Delays in Justice

    Court Reporters: The Silent Pillars of Justice? In the courtroom, the focus tends to be on the attorneys. If the courtroom was a rock band, the attorneys would be the lead singers or guitarists—the ones that most people come to the show for, [...]
  • anxious-new-lawyer

    Stave Off Stage Fright With the Right Team

    Proper Preparation and Support Are Key to Your Success as a New Attorney While you figured out long ago that being an attorney looks nothing like it does on television, your first law firm gig will always take you by surprise. Many young law [...]
  • Business Woman

    Is Court Reporting a Gender-Neutral Business? Should It Be?

    A funny thing happened when women began to enter the labor force in droves from the 1970s onward. Defying all the predictions of (male) labor scholars, women were good at their jobs. A decade or so later, and it was obvious that women were at [...]
  • How to Find a Court Reporter for Court Martial Proceedings

    Requirements for a Civilian Court Reporter to Transcribe Court Martial Proceedings You’ve hired court reporters for specialized cases before, but a military case has its own rules and regulations. The court reporter you hire not only has to [...]
  • Accredited with Court Reporting Certifications

    RPR, CRR, and Other Types of Court Reporting Certifications

    What Kinds of Certifications Should I Look for in a Federal Court Reporter? You may have noticed a string of letters trailing after your court reporter’s signature, but never really looked past the official certification. However, there is a [...]
  • How to Choose a Certified Court Reporter for Your Clients’ Depositions

    Keys to Narrowing Down Your Options for Court Reporting Services in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, & Maryland You’re definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a court reporter in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. But [...]
  • Court Reporting Service vs. Freelance for Government Cases

    Should You Use a Court Reporting Service or Freelance Reporter for a Federal Case? You’ve had some good experiences with court reporters in the past, but you’ve also had some mishaps that you’d rather not repeat. Now that you’ve moved into [...]
  • International Depositions

    How to Save Time and Money on International Depositions

    Deposing a Client in a Foreign Country: A Headache No Longer! Pandai! That means “clever” in Indonesian, and that is certainly how we felt at Casamo & Associates after last week’s successful videoconference with Jakarta. From a logistical [...]
  • Do Court Reporters Have Superhuman Powers?

    A Guinness Challenge and an Acclaimed Documentary on…Court Reporters? Absolutely! Have you ever taken a typing test and wished you could make it to 65 or even 75 words per minute? A new documentary featured at SXSW delves into the previously [...]
  • Casamo Legal Video

    Helping Alexandria’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

    At Casamo & Associates, we consider it a great honor to serve the Alexandria legal community, so when we were given the opportunity to solve an issue for our friends at Alexandria’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court we jumped in to lend [...]
  • Gadgets for Attorneys

    The Top Seven Gadgets Every Successful Lawyer Needs

    Gadgets Every Lawyer Needs Now! “The best part of being a lawyer,” a friend once said, “has got to be the cool toys.” That overstates it just a little bit, but we admit there’s a certain fun factor in using reliable technology products that [...]
  • Attorneys and Social Media

    Do Attorneys Need to Use Social Media?

    Are you still thinking that social media is just for your teenager, and not for your law firm? If you are, then you are missing out on some real opportunities to keep ahead of the competition with your web presence. Social media is here to stay, [...]
  • How to Tell If Your Meeting Will Work as a Videoconference

    Should You Host a Videoconference, Conference Call, or In-Person Meeting? Some people use videoconferencing only when all parties cannot be together, while others will use the technology to allow people in the same city to participate without [...]
  • Troubleshooting Deposition Videos in Court Proceedings

    You invested hundreds of dollars into your video deposition, and you can’t wait for the day to show your first video at trial. But imagine that your key piece of evidence shows up on the screen blurry, too small to be seen—or worse, doesn’t [...]
  • Strategic Benefits of Real-time Reporting in the Courtroom

    Four Ways Real-time Court Reporting Can Benefit Your Client in the Courtroom If you have ever used real-time court reporting in a deposition, you know that a live transcript offers many advantages when it comes to clarifying and editing [...]
  • Benefits of Using Synchronized Text in Video Depositions

    Three Major Benefits of Adding Transcription Synchronization to a Deposition Video In the early days of videotaped depositions, attorneys would have to comb through written transcripts and highlight any sections of testimony that would be [...]
  • What’s the Minimum Experience a Good Court Reporter Needs?

    If you’re scanning a list of possible hires for a court reporting position, you may be tempted to give the job to the reporter with the most experience. After all, years spent sitting in a courtroom or recording depositions are key to learning [...]
  • Using Recordings and Court Reporters for Government Clients

    Some federal courts no longer require the services of live court reporters for government cases, so you’re thinking of scrapping the expense. After all, if the state doesn’t think court reporters are necessary, why should you carry the burden of [...]