Proper Preparation and Support Are Key to Your Success as a New Attorney

While you figured out long ago that being an attorney looks nothing like it does on television, your first law firm gig will always take you by surprise. Many young law school grads begin their careers as small fish in a pond that can seem very large indeed, and it can be easy to feel lost in the early stages.

When you are assigned your first case, you struggle with balancing your eagerness to get started and what may be equated to sheer terror. Will your client sense your uncertainty? Is it appropriate to ask your experienced coworkers for help? What is the best way to put your years of education and passion to good use for your client?

Practice Makes Perfect in Every Field

The answer, of course, is always preparation. You are well aware of the role preparation plays in any pursuit, which is how you successfully completed your law degree, passed the bar, and landed your job with your current firm. When it comes to your case, there is a lot of preparation behind each step of the legal process. When the deposition process begins, it can be easy to succumb to stage fright if every member of your team hasn’t come prepared and ready to win—even your court reporter.

While the stresses of court reporting may be entirely different from your own, a well-prepared court reporter functions as a valuable part of your team. Think of the court reporter as providing the official record of your meticulous deposition; you want to be sure that your hours of hard work are captured without flaw. When your court reporter has invested in software, equipment, and technical proficiency, you know that your first (or hundredth) deposition will—quite literally—go down in history, even if it never goes beyond the parties involved.

At Casamo & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, accurate court reporting services that enable attorneys to focus the entirety of their efforts on their clients and witnesses. When you need your team batting 1000 (or typing over 200 words per minute), call Casamo at (877) 837-0077.

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