Remote Arbitrations – Secure and Convenient

Remote Arbitrations

With advances in video conferencing technology and our experience, remote arbitrations with Casamo & Associates are just as secure and often more convenient than ever before.

With the technology used to complete a smooth arbitration virtually, you have access to tools that are of high performance, secure, allow multiple connections, and more. The audio that this technology uses is clear and allows you to have a smooth litigation experience. Our video conferencing software is high quality and gives you an experience that is similar to being in-person.

We use industry-leading security to make sure you do not have to worry about the technicalities. Your information is important to us and we value your privacy. The security features include the following:

  • Meetings are encrypted with sophisticated algorithms
  • Passwords are used to ensure that your meetings are protected
  • Attendees receive a unique ID and link
  • Only approved attendees can access through the use of waiting rooms
  • Screen sharing, document sharing, breakout rooms, and chat functions
  • Document agreement and signing tools
  • Control of session lengths and breaks

Something useful about the breakout room feature is that it allows you to split your meeting into private sessions. This is helpful because participants can meet privately with the arbitrator as they would if they were in-person. Only the host of the conference has the ability to move attendees around. Breakout rooms can either be automatic or assigned prior to the meeting to ensure a customized experience relevant to your case. When the breakout rooms are in effect, the host still has the ability to communicate with everyone and let them know when it is time to come back together. There is also the flexibility for the host to move the arbitrator around whenever necessary.

Some key details to remember about video conferencing is that it can be done on your phone if that works better for you. Sometimes connecting via your phone will help you achieve the best audio. You can also record your meetings if you are the host to make sure you have a record of what happened during the meeting. That is something that would be discussed amongst both sides so make sure that you are aware of whether or not the session will be recorded.

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