Legal Foreign Language Translation Services for Attorneys and Businesses in Virginia & Nationwide

When you’ve spent your life building something, it’s hard to hand it over to someone else. That’s why most business owners will try to do everything themselves, spending whole days planning and double-checking to make sure their upcoming meeting will be a success. But what happens if you’re entertaining a foreign visitor and you don’t speak the language? Whom can you trust to convey your words as well as you do?

At Casamo & Associates, we have an ongoing partnership with exceptional language translators in the metro D.C. area, making us the perfect choice for attorneys and businesses who represent international clients. Whether you need on-site foreign language translation for a deposition or an ASL interpreter for a worldwide conference, Casamo & Associates can provide everything you need, all in one place.

Let Casamo & Associates provide full translation services for your:

  • Local depositions. Casamo & Associates’ spacious conference rooms are ideally situated for Alexandria attorneys to conduct, local, private depositions. Located near both the Alexandria Circuit Court and Federal Court, our conference room has been fully upgraded with the latest technology including microphones, recording devices, and wireless Internet.
  • Small business meetings. Do you have an upcoming meeting with foreign participants who insist on meeting in your firm’s office? Our staff will be happy to provide translation services and anything else you may require—such as a laptop, webcam, or fully-wired sound—to assist you at your location. If you need translation services for an event outside D.C., we can work around your specific needs to have a translator come to you.
  • Long-distance clients. If you are hosting a meeting that will be broadcast nationally or even globally, providing translation services can take your presentation to the next level. We can help you set up a comprehensive videoconference complete with translator, creating a digital meeting that save you the time and expense of travel.

Your Business Is Our Business

We know how vital it is to get everything right when hosting an out-of-town visitor. That is why we work closely with each of our customers to provide for the specific needs of every client. If your company requires in-depth knowledge of specialized terminology or experience in a particular area of the law, simply tell us what you require in our online schedule and we will contact you within the hour to discuss your options.