Remote Mediations – Secure and Convenient

Remote Mediations

With advances in video conferencing technology and our experience, remote mediations with Casamo & Associates are just as secure and often more convenient than in-person mediations.

Remote technology allows you to create an individualized process for each mediation. Here is a list of key technical tools that you will want to take advantage of to set up mediation remotely:

  • A variety of videoconferencing platforms suited for different purposes
  • Optional use of video for participants
  • Secure processes and procedures
  • Screen sharing, document sharing, breakout rooms, and chat functions
  • Document agreement and signing tools
  • Control of session lengths and breaks

All of these tools are at your disposal and you can communicate with your team to figure out how to best use them for your next mediation. You may need to participate in a pre-mediation conference to exchange information with your colleagues and discuss the nature of the briefing. This style of mediation can be broken down into days or placed into one day to meet the needs of all participants. With remote technology, it is more likely that higher-level executives will be available to meet due to the ability to tune in from anywhere. It may be easier to other participants, such as family members, related to the litigation. The fact that individuals can participate in the comfort of their own home makes the process less intimidating.

Pre-mediation is usually done before the actual mediation session to make sure that the technology is functioning properly for the participants involved. This has shown to be helpful for legal personnel who value trust between the mediator and the clients. It is through this pre-mediation process that personnel can begin to understand the perspectives of the participants before the official mediation. This tool unveils any initial reactions through the exchange of important information. This process can be adjusted in order for you to get the most out of it for your case.

It is important to make sure that you have technology that helps you prepare for your litigations because it ensures that you have enough information to accommodate your case. You have the flexibility to negotiate with your colleagues through videoconferencing to make sure that each side has what they need to create productive litigation. It is also convenient because personnel can save energy by just going on their computer and figuring out what needs to be done to move forward. Sessions can also be created to accomplish any remaining negotiations and settle any unnecessary statements prior to the mediation.

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