Exceptional Legal Transcription Services for D.C. Depositions, Mediation, and More

Casamo & Associates is pleased to offer exceptional legal transcription services to all our clients. Whether you choose to use one of our court reporters for your deposition or record your sessions elsewhere and send them to us, you will always receive the same fast, accurate and reliable service.

Real-Time Legal Transcription

Casamo & Associates’ court reporting staff can come to your offices or meet you in our updated conference room to create a real-time transcript for your deposition. Our services always ensure accuracy, timeliness, and excellent grammar skills, and can be tailored to your needs to include specialized language (medical and technical litigation), real-time streaming of depositions, exhibit linking, and anything else you require.

Transcription Services

If you have already recorded your deposition, the reporting team at Casamo & Associates can create a transcription based on your audiotape, video recording, or other sound file. We offer additional services to ensure best accuracy and convenience, such as:

  • Transcript synchronization. We can synchronize transcripts with your video recordings that can be imported to many different trial programs, including Trial Director, Sanction Solutions, and Visionary.
  • Digitizing documents. We can create digital files of your written documents, which we will compile using our specialized file naming system and organize into folders at no additional charge. We will also keep these in our archive, as well as transfer to digital files on CD for your office use and provide copies at your request.
  • Duplication and conversion. We can duplicate or convert your recorded depositions for dissemination in a variety of formats, many of which can be done same-day.
  • Deposition archive. We keep a five-year archive of all of our recorded depositions, which are available in DVD, CD, MPEG-1, and VHS formats.
  • Technical support. We provide technical support for all the digital services we provide, including depositions, mediations, trials, and other litigation presentations.
  • Free evaluations. We have a wealth of services available to our clients, and want you to get the most out of all that we have to offer. We offer free training and technical support for all of our customers, as well as case-specific consultations to determine how your clients’ needs would be best served, all of which can either be done on-site or at your location for your convenience.

Don’t Take a Chance on an Unknown Transcription Service!

Many small firms may be tempted to send out their transcriptions to a pay-per-page service in order to save on overhead. However, there are a number of things you give up by accepting lowest-bidder services. For instance, overseas transcription services lend the possibility of language barrier problems, while online-only services often offer no way to get in touch with them for customer service or technical support if there are problems with the final product. In addition, sending out your files means you never really know who you’re doing business with—and in some cases, this may mean transcribers with no legal training or experience in the trade.

At Casamo & Associates, we are proud to build relationships with all of our customers, tailoring our services to their individual needs. Our certified court reporters are part of our on-site staff, which means you will receive accountability and accuracy minutes away from your own front door. Use our convenient online scheduler to let us know how we can serve you, or call us at (703) 837-0076 for immediate assistance.