Court Reporters: The Silent Pillars of Justice?

In the courtroom, the focus tends to be on the attorneys. If the courtroom was a rock band, the attorneys would be the lead singers or guitarists—the ones that most people come to the show for, and the ones whose faces adorn the merchandise. The judge, the jury members, and expert witnesses could all pass for band members in this strange analogy, as onlookers actively recognize their role in this exciting legal show.

stenography-machineWhere does a court reporter fit into this analogy? They may not be the superstar of the show and fans may not ask for their autograph, but they play an absolutely critical role. Most people wouldn’t recognize the audio technicians from major music festivals, but these are the men and women who ensure that the entire production is heard, enjoyed, and even recorded. Without the “sound guys,” does the show even happen? In terms of court reporters and justice, many states are beginning to say no.

Court Reporter Shortages Causing Delays in Cases, but Casamo & Associates Is Stronger Than Ever

Over the last year, the court reporting industry has experienced a labor shortage. In some states, such as North Carolina, court reporter compensation has been cut by half, leaving many seasoned veterans looking for alternate work. Across the country, however, the number of people entering the profession has slowed, leaving many courtrooms without a court reporter—and leaving many hearings delayed indefinitely.

Court reporters provide the official record of legal proceedings, and despite advances in digital recording technology, they have long been the preferred method of providing important court reports and transcripts. As the shortage continues—whether from a lack of new recruits or disputes over compensation—many hearings are delayed until a court reporter can be provided, leaving justice waiting…and justice isn’t known for its patience.

While many states and counties struggle to find reliable court reporters, Casamo & Associates has served courts throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. for over 25 years. For your court reporting needs, call the court reporting service with a track record of excellence—call Casamo & Associates at (877) 837-0077 today.

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