Requirements for a Civilian Court Reporter to Transcribe Court Martial Proceedings

You’ve hired court reporters for specialized cases before, but a military case has its own rules and regulations. The court reporter you hire not only has to deliver timely and accurate transcripts, he or she must be familiar with military law, and may even require special a security clearance.

How to Find the Right Court Reporter for Courts Martial Cases

Court martial cases require a high level of specialized knowledge, and often involve privacy and national security issues. These cases may or may not require a court reporter to have:

  • Familiarity with Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 505 regarding classified government information privilege
  • Familiarity with courts-martial record of trial formatting
  • Appropriate security clearances
  • Access to classified or protected information
  • Ability to prepare for trial in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)
  • Restricted use of reporting equipment that is cleared to process classified information
  • Ability to work in closed or classified court sessions that do not allow spectators
  • A clear understanding of penalties for sharing protected information with the public

Court reporters in courts martial may be evaluated based on their performance following instructions, transcribing accurate counselor arguments, proficiency recording military-specific jargon, and clarifying any confusion in the record with the military judge.

At Casamo & Associates, our court reporters come from many different legal backgrounds and have a wide variety of case knowledge. Our reporters have an average of ten years’ experience in the legal profession, and many are active members of the National Court Reporters Association. If you need a reporter for a military or federal case, we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Use our online scheduler to tell us more about your specific requirements.

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