• Steps to Take on Your First Time Running an Online Meeting

    What Should I Do If I’m Running an Online Meeting for the First Time? Online meetings are part call-in, part video chat, part slideshow, and all complicated. Now that you’re in charge of running one on behalf of your company, you have no choice [...]
  • court_reporter_at_keyboard

    Instant Benefits: Using Certified Real-time Court Reporters

    How a Certified Real-time Court Reporter Can Benefit Your Law Firm Court reporting has come a long way in the last twenty years. You may remember when court reporters could barely lift their heavy stenography machines, and how it would take [...]
  • Six Questions to Ask Before Hosting a Large Video Conference

    It’s one thing to attend a meeting, but the burden increases significantly when you are the one in charge. There are so many things to consider, so where should you start if you want to make an impression and make the best use of everyone’s [...]
  • 5 Reasons to Record a Video Deposition Before Going to Trial

    You may have already used video depositions to record testimonies of witnesses who are ill, in the hospital, or otherwise unable to appear in court in person. However, video testimony can also be submitted when a witness is able to attend the [...]
  • Videoconferencing Made Easy for Remote Depositions

    Videoconferencing for Remote Depositions Is Easier Now Than Ever Before "Can I display exhibits to the witness and opposing counsel in a remote deposition?” “Yes.” “What if I don’t bring my laptop?” “With or without your laptop, we can [...]
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    Casamo Supports the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

    At Casamo & Associates, we have strong ties to our Alexandria community. We are always looking for ways to give back, and one way we do that is by supporting the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. We are a certified drop-off point for [...]
  • Apps for Attorneys

    Top Apps and Software for Attorneys

    Looking for an “easy button”? Attorneys have come a long way in terms of technology, and now it’s not uncommon to hear them exchanging ideas about newfound ways to increase productivity and save time. So, what are the best apps and software [...]
  • Accurate and Timely Transcripts of Meeting Minutes in D.C.

    You finally got everyone in one room to have the meeting that will decide your company’s future, even if some people will be teleconferencing rather than physically present. You have your opportunity to make solid decisions, allay fears, and get [...]
  • Can I use Google Hangouts for an online meeting?

    Many people are excited about Google’s new Hangouts feature, a free service that allows up to 10 people to join a group video chat. While the program does allow anyone with a Google email address to participate in a meeting, it is not without [...]
  • How Attorneys Can Create a Digital Deposition for Trial Use

    Five Ways to Create a Digital Deposition That Will Win Your Client’s Trial Your client has already undergone a harrowing deposition, and you were wise to insist that the entire thing be recorded for court use. You’ve been given a copy, and you [...]
  • What can I do to build on my court reporting skills?

    Court reporting is the ultimate learn-as-you go job. You know that every job you take will build up your experience and make you better and faster—but what can you do outside the courtroom to become a better court reporter? Here are a few [...]
  • How to Organize a Video Conference With Multiple Attendees

    In many ways, it’s wonderful that you are able to communicate with clients in other cities using just your computer. But just as in real life, the more people that are in an online meeting, the more likely it is that something will go wrong. [...]
  • Is court reporting a good job for an English major?

    It’s no surprise that many English majors consider becoming court reporters, as good spelling and grammar skills are vital to the profession. However, they should note that court reporting is not an easy job. There are physical, mental, and [...]
  • Why Should I Use a Court Reporter for Legal Transcription?

    You don’t want to spend the extra money to hire a third party to transcribe your legal briefs, and you have plenty of staff members on hand who can be trusted to transcribe your summaries and interviews. If all you need is a recording turned [...]
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    Keeping Up to Speed With Your Videoconferencing Tech

    Squaring Away the Technology of Your Videoconference Before It Starts You’ve been planning this videoconference for a week. You haven’t left any stone unturned. Everyone has the information, you set up the time, and all the participants are [...]
  • big-videoconference-01

    The Importance of High-Quality Videoconferencing Tools

    Equipment Essentials for Proper Videoconference Viewing Video and teleconferencing are the ideal mediums for group meetings and depositions because of their ability to provide communicative abilities to numerous people in a variety of [...]
  • Who Is Qualified to Transcribe a Medical Malpractice Case?

    Can You Rely on the Person Who Transcribed Your Medical Malpractice Case? You’ve just taken a deposition for your first medical malpractice case. You’re positive the hospital will settle, and this case can be the one that pulls you ahead of the [...]
  • college-graduation

    Improving Two-Year Law Programs for the Benefit of All

    Streamlining Law Degree Programs for Better Efficiency and Outcomes As law school applications continue to fall, law schools are finding it more and more difficult to secure their student rosters. As a result, they’re trying desperately to [...]
  • two-year-degree

    Effectiveness of a Two-Year Law Degree

    Reasons Why Two-Year Law Degrees Aren’t Worth the Hassle Law schools across the United States are scrambling to find ways to entice students to choose law over other degree programs. One such tactic, that President Obama himself endorsed in [...]
  • Communication-is-the-key

    A Simple Phrase: The Basis for an Effective Teleconference

    Pick a Little, Talk a Little: The Simple Secrets to Teleconferencing Success Proper communication is essential for any video or teleconference. In order to get the information needed, all parties involved need to not only know how to [...]