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    Are We Seeing the Last Days of Big Law?

    Big Law: Is it Good for the Legal System? Is it Good for Society? People outside the legal profession and even newly minted attorneys have a vague awareness that law firms come in different sizes. Those of us who have been involved in the law [...]
  • well-prepared-meeting-room

    Why a Simple Table Is So Important to U.S. Legal Practice

    What’s the Most Important Article of Furniture in the U.S. Legal System? It is a quirky question: What’s the most important article of furniture in the U.S. legal system? Most people think about it for a second, looking perplexed by the [...]
  • Harried-attorney-drops-papers

    What You Need to Know as a Lawyer, Law School Doesn’t Teach

    Law School Didn’t Teach You Everything. Did it Teach You Enough? You made it through law school (and you managed to earn some distinction along the way). Sure, you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, but that’s a worry for another day. And then you [...]
  • Stress

    Coping With Stress in a Stressful Field

    From Attorneys to Court Reporters, Legal Stress Is Real The legal field can be one of the most emotionally, mentally, and even physically draining industries in which to work. Long days at the office followed by long nights at the home office [...]
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    Attorneys, Let Your Court Reporter Arrive Early!

    Preparing for a Video Deposition? Let Your Court Reporter Arrive Early to Save Time Later As an attorney, you’re used to your clients and witnesses showing up late. They may get lost, they may not even necessarily want to be there, but one [...]
  • confidential-stamp

    Can Depositions Really Be Made Publically Available?

    How the Cosby Deposition Is Changing the Game for Transcript Confidentiality By now, we’re all familiar with the scandal surrounding comedian Bill Cosby. While rumors circulated and dozens of women came forward with their accounts of what [...]
  • meeting-via-video

    Capturing Total Communication in Videoconferencing

    It’s What You Don’t Say: Nonverbal Communication in Important Meetings Think back to when you were a young teen. While you may have gotten in trouble with your parents and teachers a few times for being fresh, you probably remember being in [...]
  • shorthand

    The Not-Quite-Lost Art of Shorthand

    Putting Pen to Paper: The Fine Art of Shorthand Lives on in Texas Criminal Courtrooms Think of the technological advances we have achieved as humans in the past twenty years. Cell phones have gone from a brick-sized oddity to an entire computer [...]
  • Should Our Meetings Go Virtual?

    Is Videoconferencing Right for Me? Things to Consider Before Going Virtual As far as getting things done and setting an energetic tone and pace, nothing beats in-person meetings. Unfortunately, as busy schedules keep several members of your [...]
  • videoconference project meeting

    How to Run a Project Meeting With a Team via Videoconference

    You’re excited to host your project meeting over video. Even though you were hoping to get everyone together in person, videoconferencing allows for an added layer of participation over a phone call; participants can see each other’s reactions [...]
  • The Bieberization of Video Depositions

    A Lesson With Bieber: How Not to Approach Your Video Deposition For those of you with pre-teens and teenagers (or maybe even because you’re an undercover pop fan, yourself), you have probably heard all about Justin Bieber. His dancing, his [...]
  • Get Strategic With Your Video Depositions

    Maximizing Your Video Deposition Effect With Strategy and Skill No matter what type of law you practice, you can tell right away whether a witness will help or hurt a case. From simple things like an outfit choice to more nuanced body language, [...]
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    Video Deposition Standards for Court Reporters

    We’ve Got Standards, Yes We Do…Sixty-Two of Them, to Be Exact! If you’ve worked with Casamo & Associates’ court reporters before, you know we take our jobs seriously. If you’ve ever used our video deposition services, you’ve seen just how [...]
  • Save Your Firm Both Money and Time With Videoconferencing

    When you are in the midst of an intense case, you are probably accustomed to seeing the associated costs rise exponentially over time. From travel expenses for attorneys and witnesses to hotel stays, court reporter costs, and a number of other [...]
  • Witness-under-oath

    Using a Court Reporter in Video Depositions

    Trusting Casamo & Associates Court Reporters With Your Video Deposition Has Benefits! Today’s society tends to assume that technology is either meant to simplify tasks or eliminate the human element from a transaction. Sometimes it does [...]
  • Jury-panel

    Video Captures Details…and Captures Attention

    Lights, Camera, Action: Let Casamo & Associates Guide You Through Your Next Video Deposition Whether you’ve been practicing law for decades or are just beginning your journey as an attorney, you’ve probably heard some buzz about video [...]
  • criminal-defendant-in-court

    Transcripts Tell it Like it Is, Verbatim

    They Said WHAT? Casamo & Associates Verbatim Transcripts Capture Every Weird and Important Detail of Your Depositions and Trials For many of our clients—typically attorneys—the answer to the common question, “What do you do for a living?” [...]
  • stenography machine

    How We Keep Up: A Look at the Stenotype Machine

    What’s a Casamo Court Reporter’s Secret Weapon? Take a Look at How We Stay Sharp in the Courtroom You feel pretty good about your typing skills. When drafting a letter, you feel your fingers fly across the keyboard like you were mastering a [...]
  • Agrigento

    “…A Little Drunk I Admit…That Charge I Will Not Deny”

    Murder in Ancient Rome—and Why a Legal Career Is Still a Safe Bet The First Novel Was Written by a Roman Attorney Greek and Roman literature have some amazing lessons to teach. Homer's epic poems are unforgettable, as they offer great insight [...]
  • International Depositions

    How Do I Schedule an International Deposition?

    Prepare for Depositions Like an Emperor The World Is Flat…But That’s Also Why It’s Complicated Discussions regarding the differences between civil law and common law systems may seem best suited for intellectual pursuit alone, the stuff of [...]