When you are in the midst of an intense case, you are probably accustomed to seeing the associated costs rise exponentially over time. From travel expenses for attorneys and witnesses to hotel stays, court reporter costs, and a number of other expenses, it is easy to see why bringing a case to trial can be so costly.

While there are certain aspects of the legal system that cannot accept substitutions, there are just as many opportunities to take advantage of technological advances that can help you keep costs down. Videoconferencing is one very simple way to rein in unnecessary expenses—here are a few ways that your firm can save money and time with Casamo & Associates’ video conferencing services!

How You Can Use Video Conferencing to Cut Costs and Streamline Your Case

In complex cases that include several witnesses, it is not unusual to come across individuals who are unable to travel to your office for depositions. Traditionally, you would need to travel to them, bringing your court reporter (or hiring a different court reporter local to the witness) along for the ride in order to get your deposition and official record.

With video conferencing, you can depose witnesses who are out of state or unable to travel without the hassle and expense of a standard deposition. You can also connect with attorneys who are also traveling for cases and unable to attend critical meetings. Through live video, you are offered a real-time link that is practically face-to-face, an invaluable tool to legal professionals across the country.

As an established court reporting service in the greater Washington, D.C. area, Casamo & Associates has embraced and mastered the power of video conferencing. Our team is available to help you connect with individuals anywhere—speak with us today to learn more!

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