We’ve Got Standards, Yes We Do…Sixty-Two of Them, to Be Exact!

If you’ve worked with Casamo & Associates’ court reporters before, you know we take our jobs seriously. If you’ve ever used our video deposition services, you’ve seen just how meticulous we are about providing you with a quality product.

Is that just how we do things? Well, partially. As much as we pride ourselves on producing near-perfect video depositions, we are actually bound by a set of very strict, specific guidelines for video depositions. These standards have been set by the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Council of the National Court Reporters Associates, and contain 62 set standards that dictate exactly how each video deposition must be recorded, conducted, documented, and delivered.

Sixty-two Standards for a Video Deposition? That Seems Outrageous

While 62 standards may seem like a lot, this number is far from outrageous—it guarantees that every detail of your video deposition is captured in high-quality and preserved with integrity.

Just what do these guidelines dictate?

  • The equipment to be used, including tripods, microphones, monitors, and recording devices
  • Quality requirements, including lighting and audio
  • Seating and framing requirements for video shoot
  • Equipment testing requirements
  • Participant briefing for on- and off-the-record procedures, equipment sensitivities, etc.
  • Proper documentation and identification of recordings
  • Confidentiality and impartiality standards

While 62 separate standards may seem like overkill, each standard addresses a critical component of your that could make or break the quality of your product. Because of our continued commitment to providing our clients with excellent service, we believe firmly in upholding each of these important CLVS standards—yes, all sixty-two of them.

If you are interested in exploring your options and possibilities with video deposition, let Casamo & Associates introduce you to their services honed by decades of experience. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your firm!

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