Maximizing Your Video Deposition Effect With Strategy and Skill

No matter what type of law you practice, you can tell right away whether a witness will help or hurt a case. From simple things like an outfit choice to more nuanced body language, a witness can say all the right things and still weaken a case.

On the other hand, you know when you have a grand-slam witness. Well-spoken, confident, and calm, these individuals are great assets to your case—and you may envy your opposition when he or she has a stable full of these sure-spoken witnesses.

Let Your Video Depositions Work for You

As technology infiltrates the legal world, most attorneys are growing increasingly comfortable with video depositions—but few have yet to embrace the strategic advantage that video deposition can bring. Video deposition certainly can be a fine art, but it takes careful strategy to maximize the potential of video deposition.

With your own strong witnesses, it is an excellent opportunity to present a strong and likeable front, which is how many attorneys currently use video depositions. For witnesses that may struggle, it provides many teachable moments to improve their performance before they appear on the stand or in front of the opposing attorney.

What many attorneys do not consider, however, is that video depositions allow you to capture every moment—a serious strategic advantage when deposing your opposition’s witnesses. Knowing how to capture momentary slips in confidence or character can not only help your own case, but can also assist you in knowing how to coach your own witnesses for their depositions.

Video depositions can be an invaluable defensive and offensive legal strategy, and working with a court reporter who is skilled with video depositions can help ensure that the process and product is exactly what you envisioned. For more information, contact Casamo & Associates today, and let us know what your goals are for your next video deposition!

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