As a plaintiff representative, you may have used video depositions in the past to record the nature and degree of your client’s suffering. While video testimony is an excellent tool for putting your client at ease and making him more sympathetic to a jury, did you know that it can also be used to great effect in defendant testimony? Defense attorneys frequently utilize video depositions in their cases, and this is why:

Benefits of Video Depositions for Defendants

  • Out-of-state deponents. Generally speaking, a defendant who lives far away from the court proceedings will rarely be ordered to come to the plaintiff’s jurisdiction to give his testimony. For example, most corporate defendants are to be deposed at their principal place of business, regardless of where the hearing is being held. You may travel to the defendant’s location to protect your client’s interests, but using video hosting technology can save time and travel costs—and recording the interaction with both attorneys present will preserve the testimony for later use.
  • Contradictions and omissions. Even if a defendant appears at trial, a video recording of his or her earlier testimony can clearly show any discrepancies in the story. Reading back an earlier answer from a transcript shows that the defendant is contradicting himself, but a video does this more effectively by demonstrating to the jury that the defendant is untrustworthy. Witnesses can also be caught omitting important information on tape, such as facts that are pertinent to the question that may have been left out of an answer because they could hurt the defendant’s case.
  • Reliability. While defendant depositions that are given by telephone may be admissible, they are often garbled, have poor sound quality, and do not offer the depth of character that video provides. Phone transmissions are also notoriously unreliable, especially cell phones that may drop calls, echo, or carry loud feedback in addition to the defendant’s voice.

We Can Help You Secure The Best Testimony to Support Your Clients

No matter what your needs are, Casamo & Associates has the technical knowledge and experience to provide for you and your clients. Our onsite conference room is fully integrated with video and sound recording equipment to ensure high quality testimony, no matter how far away your deponents are.

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