Trusting Casamo & Associates Court Reporters With Your Video Deposition Has Benefits!

Today’s society tends to assume that technology is either meant to simplify tasks or eliminate the human element from a transaction. Sometimes it does both. When it comes to video depositions, many expert witnesses that would otherwise be unable to attend the trial are now able to contribute their testimony via video.

What many people are unable to agree upon is whether or not the video deposition eliminates the need for a court reporter at the deposition. While a court reporter is not mandatory at the video deposition itself, we have a few points to consider before bidding us adieu entirely.

Witness-under-oathWhy it Pays to Have a Court Reporter Take Your Video Deposition

Not so fast—before you trade your favorite court reporter in for a stoic camera and microphone, there are a few things that you may want to be aware of when you set out to record:

  • You need someone to swear in your witness. In your standard depositions, you are used to court reporters swearing in your witness to make the deposition official and legal. Without a court reporter present, you will need to hire a notary public to swear in your witness—and that leaves you right back where you started, looking to hire someone.
  • You need a written transcript of the deposition. Sure, you can hand your video deposition to a transcription service, but if anything is garbled or inaudible on the tape, the moment is gone forever. By having a court reporter present at and in command of creating your video deposition, you will ensure that your written transcript is accurate from the start.

If you have long trusted your Casamo & Associates court reporter to produce great written transcripts of your important depositions, there is no reason you need to go elsewhere for your video deposition needs. Call us today to learn more about our services, and see what 25 years of professional experience can do for your business today.

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