The Benefits of a Videoconference

Once thought pricy and extravagant, videoconferencing is now viewed as sleek and economical. For the budget conscious client, traveling to depose an expert in an out-of-state location may be cost prohibitive. However, with the technology of videoconferencing, that deposition can take place at a fraction of the cost of an on-location deposition.

Though a videoconference is usually conducted when the witness cannot be in the same location as the deposing counsel, there are many reasons to make use of the technology. In addition to depositions, videoconferencing is an ideal way in which to conduct all types of litigation-related meetings. Need to meet with a colleague to have a status conference or planning session? Schedule a videoconference facility.

In addition to budget considerations, a videoconference eliminates the down time of travel for all parties involved. It’s not just the flight time, anymore. Parking, baggage check-in and security checkpoints may take more time than the flight itself. With safety considerations weighing more heavily than ever before, many are looking for other options. A videoconference deposition can be arranged much more easily, eliminating the difficult task of coordinating flight schedules and travel arrangements.

A videoconference is the closest thing to a face-to-face meeting. We all know the importance body language has when communicating. Videoconferencing is one more communication tool for the attorney. Depending on the equipment of the meeting rooms selected, multiple sites can connect to one conference.

What Are Some Tips to Look for When Setting Up a Videoconference?

Surprisingly, this technology is relatively straightforward. Even so, you need to make sure are utilizing a center whose staff is familiar with the process. Experience is key. Do they perform a test call before every scheduled conference call? Is the lighting in the room appropriate? Does the backdrop accentuate the witness or interviewee? Is the call quality clear? Is a staff member close at hand in case you need assistance?

When setting up a deposition in a different time zone, make sure to confirm the time corresponding to the videoconferencing location, e.g. 2:00 EST would be 11:00 PST. Be sure to verify the physical location of the court reporter. State laws may require the court reporter to be in the same location as the deponent in order to swear in the witness.

Videoconferences Are Perfect For Interviews

Another great purpose for a videoconference is conducting interviews. Whether it’s a job interview or sales presentation, a clearer picture is presented when you can see as well as be seen.

Final Thoughts

A videoconference is a great way to accommodate an increasingly demanding caseload but an ever decreasing budget. Check out the many technology benefits the world of videoconferencing has to offer. Videoconferencing truly is the next best thing to being there.

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