You may have heard court reporters touting their membership in the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). You may have assumed it was some kind of subscription, or a membership with annual dues and a monthly publication (your firm may enjoy many similar memberships). While the NCRA is an organization that offers publications and benefits to members, it also promotes their continuing education, administers tests to establishes standards of excellence, and requires its member to adhere to a code of ethics.

Benefits of Hiring a Court Reporter with NCRA Membership

As an attorney, you are acutely aware of the importance of integrity and impartiality in a certified court reporter. In addition to any local, state and federal statutes, all members of the NCRA are urged to comply with the organization’s Code of Professional Ethics. This requires that all members:

  • Remain fair and impartial toward all participants during proceedings
  • Offer to provide comparable services to all parties in proceedings
  • Report any potential conflicts of interest, as well as any behavior that may give the appearance of a conflict of interest
  • Take steps to prevent the fact or appearance of impropriety
  • Fiercely protect confidentiality by securing all transcripts, recordings, documents and other private information
  • Never dissemble, equivocate, or otherwise inaccurately report his or her own qualifications, either as a public statement or when seeking employment
  • Do not let freelance reporting jobs interfere with official obligations
  • Refrain from any unlawful or unethical agreements when determining fees
  • Do everything possible to maintain the integrity of the court reporting profession

All of the court reporters at Casamo & Associates hold certificates as Certified Court Reporters and are notaries public, and have an average of ten years experience in the legal profession. Several of our court reporters are active members of the National Court Reporter Association, making us uniquely suited to serve whatever legal needs you may have using the latest in stenographic technology. Visit our Online Scheduler today to let us know what services you require.

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