• time-management

    Successfully Managing Your Time as a Court Reporter

    Court Reporting Time Management Tips to Keep You on Track “I need that transcript by tomorrow.” “I thought you were known for your speed. What’s taking so long?” “Is it possible for you to proofread these by five o’clock?” Whoever [...]
  • captioning-station

    Live Event Captioning: Why CART Needs to Be in Your Future

    Real-Time Captioning for Your Audio Transcription Needs In the legal profession, the difference between five minutes from now and a week from now may as well be an eternity. Depending on the circumstances, the time between needing paperwork and [...]
  • man-leaps-milestone

    Securing Your Reputation as a Great Court Reporter

    Distinguishing Your Court Reporting Skills Above the Rest Whether you’re looking for a great court reporter or training to be one, a memorable reputation is key to success. Although court reporters must be certified and show strong grammar and [...]
  • thecal-misspelled

    Importance of Court Reporter Proofreaders

    Proofreading Transcripts Helps Court Reporters and Lawyers Alike Mr. K: “When you hire a court reporter you except that she’ll be able to acurately record audio onto a readable trans crypt without any arrows?” Mr. E: “Of coarse I do. [...]
  • Privacy in Videoconferencing

    Dealing With Privacy Issues In Your Next Video Conference

    Your videoconferences have all gone swimmingly in the past. The free hosting software has a few glitches, but nothing you can’t forgive, and it’s easier than getting your nationwide workforce together in one room. But suddenly you’re getting [...]
  • video-camera-operator

    Prepare a Strong Video Deposition: Success Is in the Details

    Setting the Stage for a Successful Video Deposition For a deposition to be successful, it needs to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This is especially true when the deposition is being recorded in order to gather information or to [...]
  • Translation-dictionary-entry

    Secure Accurate Transcriptions During Bilingual Depositions

    Making the Most of Your Next Transcription Involving an Interpreter Court reporters are some of the most hard-working members of the legal team. In addition to remaining 100 percent impartial throughout every single case they transcribe, [...]
  • Convention Appreciation for the Underrated Court Reporter

    Behind the Scenes of the National Court Reporting Association Convention—Encouraging Court Reporters to Evolve With the Times Many people are required to be present throughout any courtroom procedure, whether it is a preliminary hearing, [...]
  • Three Stages of Generation XX Court Reporting

    Expanding the Notion of “Women’s Work” in Court Reporting Stenography (noun): The process of writing in shorthand (transcribing) or taking dictation of an event, interview, conversation, etc. Stenography has had a long history in the United [...]
  • How to Manage Your Court Documents in a Video Deposition

    Video depositions are an easy way to gather evidence from several people in many different locations, but the process is not without its drawbacks—especially where paperwork is concerned. Consider the limitations you will have in organizing and [...]
  • A Recorded Edge: The Strategy Behind Video Depositions

    Building a Stronger Case With Recorded Video Depositions Videoconferencing has quickly become a favored resource for many professionals, as it allows for communication without the necessity of being in the same room (let alone the same city, [...]
  • hand-document-to-witness

    Video Deposition Obstacles to Overcome

    Document Distribution Dilemmas for Video Depositions Any lawyer worth his salt will tell you that depositions are extremely helpful case resources. They’re not only invaluable assets during the discovery process but can also be used to great [...]
  • video-deposition-cameraman

    Taking the Documenting Obstacles Out of Video Depositions

    Documentation Help You Need to Get Your Video Deposition Squared Away Every lawyer knows that depositions are key resources in building a strong case. Sure, depositions during discovery allow you to fill in holes and determine the route a case [...]
  • expert-witness-testimony

    Preparing an Expert Witness for Trial

    Preparation Is Key to a Valuable Witness Statement. Does Your Key Fit? When you look back on law school, whether it was nine months ago or nine years ago, your memories are probably lost within a fog of long nights and an ocean of coffee. [...]
  • court-reporter-buddies

    Transcribing Skills—Court Reporter Requirements

    Going Above and Beyond the Minimum Requirements to Secure an Exceptional Court Reporter Although generally overlooked in the courtroom, the court reporter can wind up being your best asset. As she silently sits and transcribes the trial, she is [...]
  • Persuading_the_jury

    Making a Synchronized and Well-Formatted Deposition Video

    You’ve spent a lot of money on your trial software, and you’re eager to show a jury the power of your multimedia presentation. The lights go down, the screen lights up…but stays stubbornly blue. You scramble to fix the issue, but you’re losing [...]
  • trial-records-not-available

    Downsizing Court Reporters Downsizes Justice

    Courts Cut Provisions for Court Reporters—Supply Your Own or Face the Consequences Although bias shouldn’t be allowed in the courtroom, as a lawyer you know the truth. Bias is hard to shake when you’re trying to convince the judge or jury that [...]
  • Frustrating-video-chat

    The Hype of Skyping Depositions: Spoiler…It’s Overblown

    Skype Depositions—Trading Quality for Technology in the Courtroom As technology floods the world, convenience has become the high ground for many. Instead of working to make things better, they stay put—without realizing they’re [...]
  • Courtroom_documents

    Do I Need to Add Chapters and Titles to a Deposition Video?

    You’ve got the master copy of your video deposition in hand, and you’re about to send it back to the office for editing before running off a copy for the opposing counsel. Your staff can be trusted to remove segments of testimony that are [...]
  • Tampered-chalkboard

    Can a Judge Order Alterations of Trial Transcripts?

    Trial Record Tampering—Does It Really Happen? As a lawyer, you know that a simple gaffe in the courtroom can be the turning point in a trial. Most lawyers secretly hope that their rivals will misspeak and cause that point to turn in their [...]