Building a Stronger Case With Recorded Video Depositions

Videoconferencing has quickly become a favored resource for many professionals, as it allows for communication without the necessity of being in the same room (let alone the same city, state, or country).

Attorneys were quick to realize that depositions can now be taken via real-time videoconferencing without the expense of travel. However, since videoconferencing requires remote cameras be set up, video recording of depositions has also begun to gain traction throughout the legal world.

Although recording a deposition can present some difficulties, the overall benefits of video depositions greatly exceed the lifeless transcriptions of normal depositions. In fact, video depositions not only provide sensory evidence during discovery, but they can actually become part of your trial strategy.

When, How, and Why Video Depositions Benefit Your Case

If you’ve ever seen a blockbuster movie, you know how a well-timed explosion or secret confession can have on an audience. This same emotional manipulation can be used to your advantage in the courtroom.

When using a deposition in a trial, you’re basically asking the judge and jury to identify, connect, and trust the words of a witness. However, reading the witness’s words off a recorded transcript will not have the same emotional impact as being able to see the her actions and body language as she is being questioned.

In addition to building an emotional connection between video witness and jury, recorded depositions also provide the following:

  • An inexpensive and speedy recording method
  • The ability to play and replay the deposition if needed
  • Minimizing ambient noise and other distractions by capturing different angles of the interview and using in-depth audio
  • A chance for you and others to hone your skills at transcription cross-examination and court techniques in practice sessions outside the courtroom

Convenience, Benefits, and Strategy…Do You Depose it Could Get Better?

Now that you know some of the strategic implications of recording video depositions, what will your next deposition look like? Will you continue with the dull written transcripts, or will you embrace the camera’s roll? How do you feel about video depositions and their use in the courtroom?

For more information on how we can help you set up your next deposition recording, give us a call at (703) 837-0076 or contact us today. One tiny click can give you the advantage you and your client needs.

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