• how to select a virginia court reporter

    How to Select the Right Virginia Court Reporter for Your Needs

    How do you select a court reporter? For most people who have been in the legal field for some time, scheduling a court reporter has become fairly routine. If you’re a paralegal or legal assistant, one of the attorneys lets you know [...]
  • 5 Tasks Paralegals Can Delegate to Their Court Reporting Firm

    5 Tasks Paralegals Can Delegate to Their Court Reporting Firm

    For paralegals and legal assistants, there are often more tasks to be done than time in the day. If you’re a paralegal, you know what we mean. The attorney, or attorneys, at your firm relies on you to accomplish quite a bit to support them. [...]
  • Legal clients are demanding alternative fee arrangements to trim back their expenses

    Attorneys Accommodating the Client as Legal Demands Change

    The 2007-2009 recession changed the relationship in the legal profession. Clients are now demanding that attorneys do more for less. Before the recession, potential clients would hunt for attorneys and be elated when they found one who would [...]
  • Benefits of fewer legal clients for lawyers

    Trim Back Your Client List for a Better Legal Career

    It doesn’t matter how determined, dedicated, or hardworking you are, if you place too much food on your plate, eventually, you’re going to drop it. As a lawyer, you can’t afford to let your plate (your caseload) overflow with food (clients). [...]
  • Rough Draft Deposition Transcript

    Deposition Benefits of Using Rough Draft Transcripts

    A Rough Draft Transcript Today Helps You Get Ahead for Tomorrow’s Deposition Highly trained and experienced courtroom reporters will do their level best to record depositions, trials, and legal conferences as accurately as possible during the [...]
  • Court Reporter for Arbitration

    Benefits of Having a Court Reporter Record Your Arbitration

    A Complete Record for Complete Options: Why You Need a Reporter for Your Arbitration Session Court reporters are required to transcribe accurate and verbatim reports of litigation proceedings to capture precise records for the court. However, [...]
  • innocent-child

    Guidelines for Protecting Young Witnessess

    Child testimonies can be extremely compelling and influential for jurors and judges alike. Child witnesses are seen as unlikely to deceive, so they have high credibility. In addition, adults empathize with children on a deeper level than with [...]
  • Attorney Avoiding Burnout

    Avoiding Lawyer Burnout: Keeping Your Flame Burning Bright

    Lawyer burnout affects hundreds of attorneys and paralegals worldwide. Although it is nothing to be ashamed of, it is something to guard against. Unmanaged stress can be detrimental to your career, to your professionalism, and to your overall [...]
  • overwhelmed-lawyer

    Lawyer Burnout: Signs and Risks That You’re Overwhelmed

    Unless your job entails playing with puppies all day, binge-watching Netflix, and eating ice cream for quality assurance, no job is 100% fun, 100% of the time. Consequently, any job can cause a person to become disengaged and both physically and [...]
  • Dragon-drum-speech

    Vocal Exercises to Ensure Clearly Understandable Depositions

    Practice Exercises to Help Prepare Your Witness’s Voice for the Stand It doesn’t matter whether you’re a public speaker, being able to express your thoughts clearly is essential to be understood. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same skill [...]
  • public-speaking-cardboard-cutouts

    Witness Diction and Articulation for Deposition Clarity

    The purpose of a deposition is to procure a clear record of a particular witness’s account of events dealing with your case. However, for a record to be as useful as possible, it must be as clearly understandable as possible. Now, of course [...]
  • apple-touch-icon

    Public Record Expungement: Deleting Court Records

    In order to keep the public well-informed and keep the judicial system in check, the records, documentation, transcripts, videos, etc., that pertain to a hearing or trial should be made accessible to the public…although a few exceptions [...]
  • Sixth-Amendment

    Exceptions to the Right of Public Trial Proceedings

    Closed Court: When Court Proceedings Are Deemed Worthy of Privacy Thanks to multiple traditions in American jurisprudence, both civil and criminal trials are open to the public. This means that almost anyone has the right to… Be a spectator [...]
  • Public's Right to Witness and Access Court Proceedings

    The Public’s Right to Witness and Access Court Proceedings

    Although defendants may believe that their court trial should be confidential to preserve anonymity and privacy, the majority of the time the law disagrees. A key insight in the American political system was that transparency in the courts is [...]
  • When Are Court Records Sealed Against Public Inspection?

    As a result of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), court records are considered a matter of public interest and are therefore mandated as public records. Transcripts from a court trial can be accessed and read by anyone—including those not [...]
  • The Importance of Court Records As Public Records

    Freedom of Information Acts Makes Court Records Nationally Available to the Public One of the fundamental aspects of any court case is its ability to teach the public about law, accountability, and consequences. If all cases were tried behind [...]
  • How the witness chooses to dress will affect his credibility

    Deposition Benefits of Witnesses Dressing Professionally

    A lot of details need to be addressed when preparing for a deposition. One of the more important of these is advising the deposition witness on how to prepare himself. A deposition—especially a video deposition—could wind up being the feather in [...]
  • courtroom-witness-stand

    Advice to Brace Your Witness for a Strong Video Deposition

    As with any testimony, video deposition witness prep is essential to controlling—as much as possible—how a testimony will play out. The preparation period lets the witness get comfortable with how you will question him; at the same time, you’re [...]
  • angry-confrontation

    Three Tactics to Avoid During Video Deposition Questioning

    As a lawyer, you want to ensure that your video depositions are not only clear and concise but also professional enough to be seen by the court. After all, a deposition is only helpful if the judge and jury can understand and follow what is [...]
  • law-library-reading-room

    Enrollment Continues to Fall at Top Law Universities

    Back in the day, the answer to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was generally limited to four things: lawyer, doctor, firefighter (boys), and princess (girls). Although many girls across the world grew up [...]