• Error and Ingenuity in the Courtroom

    Technology is raising eyebrows in the courtroom once again.  From coast to coast the latest and greatest of our devices can both enhance our lives and wreak havoc in quiet of our homes to the halls of justice.  Here are two articles exemplifying [...]
  • More on the FBI and Carrier IQ

    The issues with Carrier IQ seem to be getting thicker by the day. Read More About More on the FBI and Carrier IQ...
  • Personal Privacy? – Carrier IQ Named in Lawsuit

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Path Intelligence, a British marketing company its software to track customers and their shopping habits through their smart phones while at shopping malls.  Today, another software company, Carrier IQ is [...]
  • Carrier IQ and the FBI

    Read More About Carrier IQ and the FBI...
  • Uncertified Transcript

    I am perplexed and bewildered.  How many times do the largest decisions rest on the smallest of details?  Reflecting on this, a twenty-second swipe of a hand, or worse, a two-second pounding of a fist would have avoided an entire domino effect [...]
  • Local Firm Merges with CA Practice

    Arnold & Porter is set to acquire medium-sized Howard Rice at the beginning of the year.  Arnold & Porter was named one of the to 100 companies to work for in 2010 by CNN's Money.   Howard Rice has been an independent law firm in the San [...]
  • The Real Reason You Need a Blog For Your Law Firm

    If you’ve been on the fence about starting a blog for your law firm, I’m sure that your online research or conversations with “blogging gurus” haven’t made the decision much easier for you. There are many reasons to start a blog, and the ROI  [...]
  • Malls Suspend Cell Phone Tracking

    Will Third Party Marketers Win the Tracking War? Just when you thought it was safe to walk outside… big brother may still be watching. Reports have recently surfaced about two malls in the United States, particularly Short Pump Town Center [...]
  • Are We Giving Up Too Much Personal Information

    We all know the GPS technology in our phones.  But I am sure we usually think of US accessing IT rather than the other way around.  This story brings an entirely new perspective to cell phone usage.  And for many of us, not a very comfortable [...]
  • Security – Bigger Than All of Us

    More on the security issue.  If you think the civilian world has problems, just imagine being tech support for the military drones and getting a call one day to troubleshoot your aircraft.  The more you investigate, the more you become convince [...]
  • Disney Pulls Plug on National Harbor

    National Harbor is not in our nation’s capital.  It is not located in Virginia, where we live, love and work. Yet it is connected to Alexandria and by the Potomac Riverboat Company, a short five minute drive across the bridge, and in full view [...]
  • Casamo Green Initiative

    Casamo set the pace for going green with its online transcript repository, billing and scheduling service.  Litigation support is a paper intensive activity and we have committed to do all we can to reduce the waste associated with our [...]
  • Alexandria Development Plan

    Alexandria's waterfront is in the news. Read More About Alexandria Development Plan...
  • Gift Giving and Court Reporting

    We have heard quite a lot of interesting discussion lately regarding gift giving and the court reporting profession.  Some agencies feel the need to offer “gifts” and incentives in order to fatten their schedule and entice clients from other [...]
  • Citizen’s Arrest – Are You Up For It?

    Two sisters in Oklahoma "detained" a driver trying to flee the scene of an accident.  After determining their grandmother was not injured, they took off and and escorted him back to the cars to wait for the arrival of authorities.  Are citizen's [...]
  • Quick, Grab Your Kindle!

    Local libraries in Arlington are now allowing WiFi checkouts.  At this point Kindle is the only e-reader to deliver library books, but to be sure others will want to a marketshare. Read More About Quick, Grab Your Kindle!...
  • Shortage of Court Reporters

    Court reporters prove to be more and more in the limelight. A shortage of court reporters affects court cases in North Carolina. Read More About Shortage of Court Reporters...
  • Alexandria Videoconferencing Room


    N*E*W*S   F*L*A*S*H Casamo adds videoconferencing! Are you tired of the travel expenses and logistics associated with out of state depositions?  We are here with your solution.  While you enjoy the short commute to our offices in Old Town [...]
  • Lawsuit claiming mold caused illness to go forward

     A lawsuit claiming a boy was sickened by longstanding moldy conditions at his elementary school will move forward against the School Board and two of its employees, albeit with fewer claims, a judge decided this week. Circuit Judge Rodham T. [...]