Technology is raising eyebrows in the courtroom once again.  From coast to coast the latest and greatest of our devices can both enhance our lives and wreak havoc in quiet of our homes to the halls of justice.  Here are two articles exemplifying the problems we are facing in this age of technology.

The first is set in a courtroom in Juneau, AK, where human error may cause a thief to go free:

Lost Record Could Be Key To Beer Heist Case

Judges rely on the installed sytems to operate as specified.  Back-up plans are put into place to compensate for the occassional momentary lapse when malfunction occurs or a simple button is not pushed.  However, when the back-up to our backup system fails, we are at the mercy of trying to reconstruct the lost moment.  And many times, what has been lost can never be recreated.

The following article from Jacksonville, Florida illustrates the ingenuity people have when they really need it.  Or maybe the quality is desperation.  We have invented devices for our benefit and pleasure which are now causing alarm and consternation in the courtroom.  Now, attorneys are put in the position of providing evidence to dispute conversations they believe have been created rather than recorded.  Read on:

Technology Can Cause Problems In The Courtroom

Technology, when used well, can benefit us all.  It can bolster our case and even further the process in the courtroom.  However, interject human error, greed , or avarice and we are bound to be in for more attention-grabbing and controversial headlines.

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