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    Serving Clients With Limited Financial Means

    Helping the Financially Weak Get Strong Legal Advice After all those years of college and thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of debt, it’s hard for attorneys to imagine using their skills and education purely out of the goodness of their [...]
  • 5 Differences Between Local and Outsourced Court Reporters

    What Are the Differences in Hiring Local vs. Outsourced Court Reporters? There are lots of court reporting companies who promise cheap transcripts and quick turnaround times, hoping to attract the business of cost-savvy firms. But while it may [...]
  • What Attorneys Should Look for When Hiring a Court Reporter

    How to Hire a Court Reporter That You Can Rely on for All of Your Future Depositions If you have been combing the Internet looking for a local court reporter, you may feel a little like a college recruiter. All of the potential candidates on [...]
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    Lowering Law School Debt for a Brighter Legal Future

    Here Are the Tools to Decrease Law School Debt Law used to be a growth industry that beckoned thousands of students with its siren song. Being a lawyer meant job security, good pay, and the opportunity to make a difference. As a result, the [...]
  • What are some last-minute things I should do before my deposition?

    If you’re racking your brain for ways to prepare for a deposition, don’t despair: many people worry about being put on the spot in front of a lawyer. If you’ve already been prepped by your attorney, there’s not much left to do but relax, follow [...]
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    Law School Debt: What Are the Causes?

    It’s a Trap! Why So Many Young Lawyers Are Caught by Law School Debt On average, law school graduates rack up about $100,000 worth of debt over the course of a three year degree in student loans. According theU.S. News and World Report, the [...]
  • What are the best free technologies I can use for a new business?

    It’s understandable that you don’t want to spend your seed money on the latest business-oriented computer programs. While you may have to shell out for some necessities, the reality is that more and more online technologies can be adapted for [...]
  • My state courtroom uses audio recording. Why should I bother hiring a court reporter?

    Although many state courtrooms have gotten rid of their staff court reporters in favor of electronic recording software, there are many benefits to using your own reporter during proceedings. Consider the potential issues when relying on [...]
  • What Can Court Reporters Do To Lessen Their Stress at Work?

    Overwhelmed? Court Reporters Can Make Small Changes to Ease Stress at Work A few things can be said of all court reporters: they are perfectionists, they are excellent listeners, and rely on themselves to get the job done. While most of the [...]
  • Are Recorded Depositions the Only Way to Use Video Files in a Court Case?

    Of course not! There are many different ways to get the most out of video technology for all aspects of your clients’ cases. Video is a much more engaging medium than reading dry facts on a page; the judge and jury have an opportunity to see [...]
  • Hidden Document Information

    Technology - The Double-Edged Sword Metadata - What It Is And Why It Should Concern You We have all, at one time or another, hit the send button a fraction of a second too soon only to have an unedited message get sent to an unintended [...]
  • Why Should I Hire a Court Reporter Who Belongs to the NCRA?

    You may have heard court reporters touting their membership in the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). You may have assumed it was some kind of subscription, or a membership with annual dues and a monthly publication (your firm may [...]
  • Videoconferencing Benefits and Tips

    The Benefits of a Videoconference Once thought pricy and extravagant, videoconferencing is now viewed as sleek and economical. For the budget conscious client, traveling to depose an expert in an out-of-state location may be cost prohibitive. [...]
  • How Court Reporters Can Find an Optimal Work-Life Balance

    You admit it: you have a hard time putting down work that’s only half-done. You get so focused, so caught up in the day’s transcriptions, that the sun has gone down without your noticing it more than once. You would never sacrifice the [...]
  • Are digital recordings of courtroom proceedings less expensive than hiring a court reporter?

    It depends. According to a study done by North Carolina’s Administrative Office of Courts, digital recorders can cut back on court spending by requiring fewer state-employed court reporters. The National Center for State Courts reports that the [...]
  • 7 Creative Ways to Use Videoconferencing Technology at Work

    You may have used videoconferencing to meet with a client, speak to an out-of-town relative, or even conduct an interview with a prospective employee. But as technology advances, there are more and more ways to use videoconferencing to enhance [...]
  • Tips for Hosting Your First (or Fiftieth) Videoconference

    You’ve had enough experience with videoconferences in the past that you’ve got the basics down: make sure you look presentable, make sure there are no distractions in the background, and check the audio and video to make sure everyone can see [...]
  • How Attorneys Can Edit Video Depositions for Maximum Effect

    The Way You Edit a Video Deposition Can Make or Break Your Case You may have considered just “hitting play” on your client’s recorded deposition on the day of the hearing. After all, everything he says is supportive to your case—and when it [...]
  • The Benefits of Real-Time Reporting

    Why All Court Rooms Should Have Real-Time Reporting Court reporters furiously type away during trial in order to provide accurate records of what is said. Later on, they typically prepare transcripts and provide them to the court and to those [...]
  • What Court Reporters Do

    Court Reporters: One of the Most Important Jobs in the Courtroom When you think about the scene of a courtroom, you probably imagine the judge, the lawyers, the plaintiff, the defendant, the jury, and maybe even the bailiff. But you probably [...]