Of course not! There are many different ways to get the most out of video technology for all aspects of your clients’ cases. Video is a much more engaging medium than reading dry facts on a page; the judge and jury have an opportunity to see your clients’ suffering rather than imagine it based on the words in the transcript.

Here Are Several Ways You Can Use Video to Build an Effective Case in Court:

  • Demonstrative videos. Video can be used to record the aftermath at the scene of an accident, including the damage to a vehicle, the site of a fire, and destroyed personal possessions that used to belong to your client. Work injury attorneys may also travel to work sites to record how a machine is operated or to demonstrate the risks and safety hazards of a particular piece of equipment, avoiding having to convey the complex idea with diagrams in court.
  • Day-in-the-life snapshots. A client who is living with a serious medical condition may be able to put on a brave face for a court date, but that is not an accurate representation of his daily struggles. A day-in-the-life video helps convey to jury just how much your client’s accident has caused him.
  • Visual property records. Reading through a list of lost personal possessions can quickly become a chore. However, a visual record of personal and professional assets can be edited to include subtitles and narration, bringing the list to life.
  • Digital editing. Once you have your files, you have to present them in a way that makes your case strongest. If you do not have time to scan through each minute of footage, Casamo & Associates offers editing for all video files associated with your clients’ cases, and in many cases can edit files same-day.

Worried about different file formats? At Casamo & Associates, we offer video conversion services to our D.C. customers into virtually any file format, including DVD, CD, MPEG-1, Mini-DV, and VHS. We can also duplicate your video files, creating as many copies as your firm requires. For more information, view our legal video services page.

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