You may have used videoconferencing to meet with a client, speak to an out-of-town relative, or even conduct an interview with a prospective employee. But as technology advances, there are more and more ways to use videoconferencing to enhance your business and get more productivity out of your meetings.

Creative Ways to Use Videoconferencing at Work

Videoconferencing goes far beyond a simple camera interface. If used correctly, it can be invaluable in educating, problem solving, and interacting with clients and coworkers—and it can solve potential problems in a fraction of the time spent going back and forth in email chains.

Consider using your next video conference as an opportunity to:

  1. Give a demonstration. Instead of pointing the camera at yourself, consider sharing your computer desktop to show documents, pictures, and other materials. Need to walk through a series of steps on a website, perform a tutorial for a program, or point out existing flaws? Sharing work materials in real-time allows the entire group to be on the same page (and it’s the quickest way to make your point).
  2. Share a presentation. Sometimes it’s not enough to show coworkers a video, you need to see their reactions to it. Playing the video once at a videoconference can help you gauge others’ reactions, giving you instant and reliable feedback on a current project.
  3. Train your team. Some businesses leave employee training and education up to managers, but with video technology, you can take control of your company training sessions right from your office. This way, you can speak frankly to heads of office and employees alike rather than outsourcing or delegating training courses.
  4. Encourage participation. Want to know your what your employees really think? Unlike a long-winded conference call, a video conference encourages a democratic spirit where anyone is free to share, and puts faces to names you may only have seen on paper before.
  5. Brainstorm. Need new ideas, but keep coming up empty? A videoconference has a more urgent feel than an email, and allows everyone to focus at the same time. Interacting face-to-face helps employees to play off of others’ suggestions, finding a solution in 20 minutes that would have taken a year in back-and forth phone calls.
  6. Add employee benefits. Is your best advisor on maternity leave? Having her call into your conference room to address the team saves travel time, allows her to work from home, and increases company loyalty.
  7. Go on a field trip. Has your team worked hard for an upcoming event, such as a launch of a new product? Consider a live videoconference to connect with employees during a live event so that they can witness the results of their work in real-time.

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