Why All Court Rooms Should Have Real-Time Reporting

Court reporters furiously type away during trial in order to provide accurate records of what is said. Later on, they typically prepare transcripts and provide them to the court and to those who request them. Along with a transcript’s many other uses, litigators can also use the reports to know what transpired if they decide to appeal the case.

Although a court reporter can always go back and repeat what is said during trial at the judge or attorney’s request, doing so can slow down the trial and disrupt the flow of the proceedings. With real-time transcription, however, attorneys can get the information they want without the usual fuss.

Why Court Reporters Should Provide Real-Time Translation

One of the benefits of using computer-aided transcription equipment, such as Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) software, is that it provides court rooms with the most accurate and updated transcripts available. There are additional benefits as well:

  • Immediate access. With the use of immediate voice-to-text translation, attorneys and judges can have immediate access to the court transcript, which can help with their cases.
  • Improved comprehension for people with disabilities. Using programs like CART allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to understand what is taking place in the courtroom, as it happens. This lets them participate in the judicial process and have the same accessibility those who can hear already have.

Casamo & Associates Offers Voice-to-Text Translation

The legal professionals of Casamo & Associates understand the demand for voice-to-text translation, which is why we offer the service to our clients. Our reporters are trained with the latest in captioning and stenographic technology, and many hold special certification in computer-aided transcription services.

Casamo & Associates court reporters stay aware of current events and research the subject matter, terminology, and background of the cases prior to each assignment. Along with reporting, we also assist trial attorneys in a variety of ways, including research and offering advice.

Contact us today to find out how else we can help you with your case.

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