Court Reporters: One of the Most Important Jobs in the Courtroom

When you think about the scene of a courtroom, you probably imagine the judge, the lawyers, the plaintiff, the defendant, the jury, and maybe even the bailiff. But you probably leave out the person who has arguably the most important job the room: the court reporter.

Sitting at a small desk and perched in front of a keyboard, a court reporter moves her hands effortlessly but fast, accurately, and with purpose. But do you know what the job entails?

What a Court Reporter Does

You may think you have an idea of the responsibilities of a court reporter, but you may not know just how important her work is.

  • Guardians of the record. Court reporters are known as the “guardians of the record” because they capture the words of everyone who speaks in the room. They then prepare verbatim transcripts of the proceedings, which can be used by both parties and the judge in the future. In other words, court reporters safeguard the legal process.
  • Court reporting is the key in some cases. When litigants want to appeal their verdicts, it is the transcripts that often make or break their cases. The transcript provides an accurate portrayal of courtroom events, which a defendant or plaintiff can use if they allege they didn’t receive a fair trial, or have other issues they believe deserve an appeal.

Let the Casamo & Associates Team Work for You

You can’t trust just anyone to provide you with accurate transcripts that are prepared with speed and professionalism. The court reporting team of Casamo & Associates, however, can give you the high-quality work that you can rely on.

Our reporters have excellent listening, grammar, and punctuation skills. The reporters who are assigned to work exclusively in the court room possess expert knowledge of legal terminology and criminal and appellate procedures. Many are active members of the National Court Reporter Association, and all are able to thrive in the hectic legal field that is unique to the Washington area.

Contact us today to learn about how our services can help you.

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