Although many state courtrooms have gotten rid of their staff court reporters in favor of electronic recording software, there are many benefits to using your own reporter during proceedings.

Consider the potential issues when relying on recorded audio alone:

  • Technical issues. Nearly anything can go wrong with recording software, including something as simple as forgetting to switch on the myriad of recording devices. Even if all the switches are flipped and the recording is running, a single glitch (such as a malfunctioning microphone) can result in whole segments of lost testimony, causing delays and additional trial sessions.
  • Indiscernible. Creating a transcript from an audio recording is very difficult if the sound quality is lacking—and it frequently is in courtrooms. Poor acoustics, cheap microphones, documents obscuring the microphone, or an attorney who wanders away from the microphone while talking are common causes for the [indiscernible] tag on a transcript.
  • Time lost. In many cases, it can take up to 30 days to get a transcript of an audio recording—far slower than the rates at which court reporters can provide a record. Many court reporters can even deliver an instant transcript with real-time reporting, allowing you to have a hard copy of the proceedings on your laptop when you walk out of each court session.
  • Lack of confidence. Most courtrooms that rely on audio recording only are at the district court level, where the likelihood of appeals is lowest. Even the courts seem to suggest that audio is good enough in low-risk cases, but not for high-profile or criminal trials.

If you are going to hire a court reporter for a state courtroom, it can save a lot of money by doing it sooner rather than later. Casamo & Associates can help you protect your client’s testimony from day one. Contact us today at (877) 837-0077 to request one of our seasoned court reporters for your next case.

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