If you’re racking your brain for ways to prepare for a deposition, don’t despair: many people worry about being put on the spot in front of a lawyer. If you’ve already been prepped by your attorney, there’s not much left to do but relax, follow his advice, and heed these four last-minute tips:

  • Double-check your appointment. While most depositions are scheduled during morning hours, some lawyers prefer to schedule their depositions in the afternoon. As these depositions typically take place at the office of the opposing attorney, you will have to adhere to whatever time of day works best for him. Even if you have marked your calendar well in advance, you should always confirm the start time of your deposition with your attorney the day before the scheduled date. You may also wish to call the opposing lawyer’s office to confirm the time to make sure there haven’t been any mistakes.
  • Clear your day. While most depositions are over in a matter of hours, you should never schedule any other appointments for the same day. An appointment just before the deposition may make you late if you’re stuck in Alexandria traffic, while an appointment afterward may cause you to try to rush through your testimony or become unnecessarily distracted.
  • Stay level. Do not consume any alcohol or mind-altering drugs the night before, as they might make you unable to answer questions accurately. If you normally have a cup of coffee in the morning, stick to your usual amount, as too much caffeine can prompt quick or rambling answers.
  • Get your sleep. It may seem impossible to get good sleep the night before a deposition, but your testimony depends on a well-rested mind. Stay away from stimulants after dinnertime, and don’t eat anything that may upset your stomach and rob you of your rest.
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