• efficiency-gauge

    Tips to Encourage More Organized Court Reporting

    A good sense of organization is valuable in almost every workplace. A heightened sense of organization and efficiency, though, can give you a reputation around the office as somewhat obsessive. For court reporters, however, painstaking [...]
  • vintage-newsboy

    A Court Reporter’s Vital Role in Promoting Law Firm Success

    There’s a classic puzzle in philosophy that you probably have heard before: if a tree falls in the forest but there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? Let’s look at a modern retelling of that conundrum that may be a little more [...]
  • online-education

    Advantages of an Online Court Reporting Program

    Currently, Virginia does not have any certified court reporting schools open for enrollment. That is to say, it doesn’t have physical campuses for students to attend. However, just because Virginia doesn’t have college campuses doesn’t mean [...]
  • sleepy-while-studying-online

    Quality Disadvantages of Online Court Reporting Programs

    No matter what your career path, you need to commit yourself to a good education in order to begin on a high note and showcase your skills. The same holds true for establishing a good foundation for a court reporting career. There are dozens of [...]
  • court-reporter-at-work

    Peer Advice to Help Strengthen Your Court Reporting Efforts

    One of the most underappreciated players in a courtroom is the court reporter. Ironically, she is also among the most important. Without the skill, attentiveness, and diligence of a court reporter, attorneys wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. In [...]
  • empty-classroom

    Preserving Education and Reputations for VA Court Reporters

    Since 1976, Prince Institute has provided quality court reporting education with the enrollment support of Stenograph. In fact, a representative from Prince Institute stated, “The partnering of Prince Institute with Stenograph is a practical, [...]
  • code-of-ethics

    The Virginia Court Reporters Association’s Rules on Ethics

    In 1899, the first National Stenographer Association was created in an effort to help protect, develop, and advance the profession. Over the next century, this notion of a unified association for court reporters and transcriptionists has [...]
  • credentials

    How Certification Can Improve Your Reporting Reputation

    In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a court reporter is not required to obtain any specific license or certification. The National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA) sets national certification standards for court reporting, but Virginia courts [...]
  • whisper

    Advantages of Using Transcripts Throughout Your Case

    Court reporters spend years honing their craft in order to produce thorough, high-quality, and perfectly accurate transcripts. But why? Why do transcripts have to be 100% precise to be useful? As long as you’ve got the gist of what was said you, [...]
  • Shakespeare

    Dropping Technical Speech for Clear and Simple Testimony

    Not many people enjoy jury duty. In addition to taking up your precious time, the responsibilities of being a juror can be overwhelming, yet the process of jury duty can be extremely boring. After listening to hour after hour of dry, barely [...]
  • Translation-dictionary-entry

    Required Qualifications for a Professional Court Interpreter

    The U.S. Court Administrative Office provides court and deposition interpreters for witnesses whose primary language is anything other than English. These interpreters are responsible for: Accurately translating attorney and judge inquiries [...]
  • interrupt-keyboard

    Court Reporting Interpretation Issues You Need to Address

    In order to help facilitate accurate records of trials, depositions, and court transcripts, all those involved—witnesses, lawyers, court reporters, etc.—must clearly understand what is being spoken. Unfortunately, it took the U.S. court system [...]
  • translation-many-languages

    Types of Interpreters Court Reporters Will Encounter

    Court reporting requires excellent communication skills, including listening skills. On any given day, a court reporter must be able not only to follow technical conversations but also differentiate between speakers and record everything [...]
  • stress-meter-on-high

    Court Reporting Frustrations That Lead to Career Resentment

    Common Reasons Some Court Reporters Hate Their Jobs If you’re lucky enough to love every aspect of your job, then good for you! But you should realized you’re in the minority. Now, this isn’t to say that most people hate their jobs with the [...]
  • Stressful-job

    Common Court Reporter Pet Peeves You Need to Avoid

    Court Reporter Objections That Attorneys Need to Heed Everyone eventually finds there are certain irritating things about his or her job, regardless of the field or how rewarding the profession is most of the time. My coworker Howard talks [...]
  • certified-seal-gold

    NCRA Certification Benefits for Court Reporters

    How an Advanced Certification Can Improve Your Career as a Court Reporter Court reporting is a difficult job and requires exceptional listening, transcription, and perception skills. An attorney does not want to put his case into the hands of a [...]
  • slander-concept-cloud

    Can You Sue for Defamation During Trials?

    Understanding How Defamation Works in the Courtroom From judge to attorney, to defendant, to court reporter, reputation is a vital necessity for everyone in a courtroom. Professionals spend years building and nurturing their reputations in [...]
  • Franklin-on-reputation

    Defamation Laws: A Review for Legal Counsel

    Defamation Laws Explained for the Slandered Client Imagine this: the discovery process is already underway for your client’s case. Then a potential witness says something shocking (and, as it turns out, untrue) about your client during a [...]
  • Borrower-nor-lender

    Tips to Pay Off Lingering Law School Debt

    Six Smart Ways to Quickly Make a Dent in Your Law School Loan Balances Student loans are the bane of many, but no one has it as bad as law school graduates. Well, maybe medical school graduates, but that’s not the point. How many more years [...]
  • happy-woman-casual-business-setting

    Secondary Career Options for the Burned-Out Lawyer

    Making the Best of a Law Career Change When You Hate Your Current Position Many people pursue a law degree with certain aspirations. They believe that by becoming a lawyer they’d spend their careers making defined differences in victims’ lives [...]