• What are the biggest advantages of video interviews?

    It would have seemed strange as little as ten years ago, but more and more of today’s companies are conducting their client’s interviews using webcams and videoconferencing systems. While the process is very different from an in-person meeting, [...]
  • How can hiring women help a legal business?

    If you’re brainstorming ways to boost your bottom line, hiring women is a great start. Not only are more women graduating with advanced degrees, many high-tech firms increasingly seek out female employees to fill their ranks. But the [...]
  • Is there anything I shouldn’t say in a medical malpractice deposition?

    While there are many things to avoid saying in your malpractice deposition, there are a few things that can especially damage your testimony. Defendants who are flustered by an opposing attorney’s line of questioning may be tempted to “explain” [...]
  • Why do I need a lawyer for my deposition?

    If you were going to jump out of a plane, you’d need more than a parachute: you need someone to tell you when to jump, when to pull the cord, how to land, and provide countless other little details that can make the difference between life and [...]
  • What are some worker’s comp deposition mistakes I should avoid?

    There are plenty of mistakes a deponent can make in an injury case, so every injured worker should be fully prepared by his or her attorney well before the deposition date. The first things to remember are that you should always tell the truth, [...]
  • What should court reporters do to prepare for a trial?

    Court reporters may take many depositions in their lifetimes, but far fewer will be entrusted to take the record during a trial. While the process is essentially the same, there are a few notable differences between court reporting at trial and [...]
  • Are there any downsides to using videoconferencing for long-distance meetings?

    While video technology has come a long way in recent years, it’s not without its problems. Currently, the biggest downsides to using videoconferencing for long-distance meetings: Price. A good videoconferencing system can save money in [...]
  • stopwatch

    Planning a Time Strategy for an Effective Teleconference

    Using Your Teleconference Time Wisely by Planning Ahead As a business professional, you’ve probably sat through your fair share of unproductive meetings. Instead of accomplishing even part of an agenda, co-workers, clients, and bystanders [...]
  • law-library-shelves

    The Cost of ABA Standards for Law School Accreditation

    Have American Bar Association Requirements Caused Law School Tuition to Increase? This will come as no big surprise: law school is expensive. This may startle you, however: the claim has been made that the American Bar Association is the [...]
  • microphone-at-conference-room

    Common Audio Conference Interference You Can Do Without

    What’s That You Hear? Weeding Out Audio Problems for a Perfectly Sound Conference “….mmmcsasdcsdac.” “What?!” “ISeead” – crshhh-crshhh –“chdsia!” “I’m sorry, what was that?” “FOR goodness SAKE. I saID” – honk, crsh, [...]
  • code-of-ethics

    Avoid Witness Coaching Misconduct: Deposition Tips

    Deposition Focus to Keep You Honest When Questioning a Witness For a lawyer, knowing what your witness will say is an essential part of legal strategy. Before a deposition or trial, an attorney should prepare the witness, if only to avoid [...]
  • bad-lawyer-good-lawyer

    Preparing vs. Coaching: Witness Deposition Ethics

    The Dividing Line Between Preparing and Coaching a Witness for a Deposition Whether you’re planning for a deposition or a trial, making sure your witness or client is properly prepared to answer questions is essential. You want your witness to [...]
  • witness-points

    Preparation to Secure a Successful Witness Deposition

    Getting More Out of Your Deposition by Giving the Opposing Counsel Less No two depositions are the same. In addition to the variety of potential witnesses and their varied personalities, you also must contend with opposing counsels and [...]
  • law-school-library

    School Enticements to Convince Students to Choose Law

    Upping Their Game to Level Out the Bar: Law Schools Revamp to Encourage Applications Over the past five years law school applications and admissions have dropped significantly. In fact, there were nearly 35,000 fewer applicants to ABA (American [...]
  • We Can Help Improve Your Videoconference With Remote Counsel

    Remote Counsel Can Work With Your Software to Make Videoconferencing Easy It’s a vicious cycle: you can’t seem to get everyone you need in a meeting, so you offer to use videoconferencing to make it easy for everyone to attend. But after the [...]
  • law-school-graduate

    Drop in Law School Applicants Creates Professional Fallout

    Lack of Interest May Lead to a Sentence of Doom for the Legal Profession When you look back on law school, do you have fond memories? Do you remember your daydreams of being successful and becoming a partner in a large firm? Or do you remember [...]
  • another_tedious_meeting

    Staying on Track to Keep Your Teleconference Successful

    Tips to Keep Your Next Videoconference From Running Wild Video and teleconferences can be extraordinary resources for any professional. They allow you to have a structured meeting even when participants aren’t in the same country, let alone the [...]
  • swearing-in-the-witness

    Deposition Mistakes to Avoid While Questioning a Witness

    The Art of Questioning to Ensure Deposition Success Questioning a witness is definitely an art form. There is a fine line between getting the answers you want and getting bombarded with confusing and lengthy ramblings. When it comes to a [...]
  • experience-meter

    Experience Is Key to Choosing Your Perfect Court Reporter

    Advantages of Choosing the Right Court Reporter With the Right Experience When you need a court reporter to transcribe an event—whether a deposition or a hearing—you need to be able to trust that she knows what she is doing. Court reporters [...]
  • time-management

    Successfully Managing Your Time as a Court Reporter

    Court Reporting Time Management Tips to Keep You on Track “I need that transcript by tomorrow.” “I thought you were known for your speed. What’s taking so long?” “Is it possible for you to proofread these by five o’clock?” Whoever [...]