While video technology has come a long way in recent years, it’s not without its problems. Currently, the biggest downsides to using videoconferencing for long-distance meetings:

  • Price. A good videoconferencing system can save money in travel expenses, but they are also a major up-front cost. Even if you purchase equipment that is less than state-of-the-art, you must also maintain the equipment, upgrade when necessary, and make sure your components are compatible. For these reasons, most companies will only invest in their own systems if they intend to use them several times per month.
  • Time changes. It’s one thing for you to agree to a videoconference first thing in the morning, but your client may be getting ready for bed. One of the most difficult scheduling aspects of videoconferencing involve meetings for attendees across multiple time zones. Since other participants may have strict work schedules, you should always make sure the time is convenient for all parties.
  • Technical problems. Even if you hire someone to install your videoconferencing system, there is no guarantee you will be able to operate it. There are often multiple devices and remote controls per system, all with specific settings that will make them work together. Businesses who cannot afford to be disconnected mid-meeting will often need to invest in an on-staff IT representative or training courses for users, further adding to the cost of the system.

We Can Help Your Videoconference Run Smoothly

If you are concerned about installing your own videoconferencing system, you may wish to consider using a third-party space for your meeting. Casamo & Associates offers a fully integrated onsite conference room, including Internet capability and video and sound recording equipment. We also have an IT team at the ready to resolve any technical problems before they disrupt your meeting. Click on our Online Scheduler to see if our space will work for you.

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