Preparing for a Video Deposition? Let Your Court Reporter Arrive Early to Save Time Later

As an attorney, you’re used to your clients and witnesses showing up late. They may get lost, they may not even necessarily want to be there, but one thing is for certain—you’re accustomed to seeing people dash in at the last minute, frantically explaining themselves. It’s annoying, but it’s become part of your professional life.

When you call upon a court reporter—for a standard deposition, video deposition, transcript services, or anything of that nature—you simply expect them to be on time. You’re paying for services, so expecting punctuality should be part of the package deal. The thing is, though, your court reporter doesn’t want to show up on time, either.

young-woman-with-clockPlease, Oh Please—Let Us Arrive Early!

Your court reporter really doesn’t want to be on time—he or she wants to be early. Setting up for depositions and other events takes time and precision, and we want to get it right. For video depositions especially, we have equipment to set up and prepare, and we want to know for sure that we are getting everything perfect for your most important appointments.

We know that space is often limited at some firms, so occasionally we will need to act quickly, get everything set up as fast as we can, and hit the ground running; we’ve gotten pretty good at that over the years. When possible, though, we want the opportunity to set up your deposition to succeed, with plenty of time to assure that we’ve achieved perfection!

Are you looking for a court reporter for your next video deposition? Call Casamo & Associates—we’ll be there when you need us!

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