Looking for an “easy button”? Attorneys have come a long way in terms of technology, and now it’s not uncommon to hear them exchanging ideas about newfound ways to increase productivity and save time. So, what are the best apps and software programs available today to help make your caseload easier to manage?

DocumentsToGo Documents to Go: This app allows you to read and review word files on your iPhone or iPad. It has many features that will let you zoom in on the text, reformat line-wraps, and it can handle footnotes—unlike some other programs. (Free. There’s also a premium version with more features for $16.99. Also available for Android).
iJuror iJuror: Record juror information, assess the importance of responses, rank jurors, and produce a report to review your findings with iJuror. You can even color-code jurors to help in the selection process. ($24.99)
Trial Pad Trial Pad: This is an excellent case organizer and trial presentation software package that keeps attorneys up-to-speed on all aspects of their cases. Open documents, play videos, and designate key pieces of evidence with annotations or highlights. ($89.99)
TurboScan Scanner Apps: In this world of digitalization, a mobile scanner is a must. Did you know that your phone can double as a scanner? Consider Scanner Pro ($2.99) or TurboScan ($2.99).
MyCase MyCase: This app gives lawyers great flexibility to access case and client information on the go. MyCase also keeps track of billing, creates events, tasks, and contacts. By using MyCase, attorneys and clients will have a secure, organized line of communication—both attorneys and clients receive their own unique logins. ($39/month for attorneys, $29/month for paralegals and support staff).


We would love to hear the apps that are working for our clients! Feel free to send in a review of something that we can share with others.

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