Videoconferencing for Remote Depositions Is Easier Now Than Ever Before

“Can I display exhibits to the witness and opposing counsel in a remote deposition?”


“What if I don’t bring my laptop?”

“With or without your laptop, we can make it work either way.”

“Okay, but will I be able to see the witness and the exhibit together on the same screen?”

“You bet.”

This is a recent exchange between a Casamo team member and an attorney interested in videoconferencing for a remote deposition. It’s helpful to see this interaction because it goes to the heart of our desire here at Casamo: to provide our clients with services that are tailored to their specific needs. When we launched our new videoconferencing location in Fairfax—an event that warranted upgrading all of our machines to HD and adding new content management technology—we wanted to make sure that our goals were aligned with our clients’ many different personalities and work styles.

The Goal: to Help Attorneys Display Exhibits to Witnesses and Opposing Counsel During Remote Depositions

Why? Attorneys want this ability because it allows them to control the flow of the deposition and can help increase the precision of their arguments around specifc exhibits.

The Problem: Many exhibits are not digitized. Most attorneys do not bring laptops to depositions and the pre-deposition mindset is not conducive to even the swiftest of technology demonstrations.

The Solution: Offer a range of solutions so attorneys can display everything from the paper exhibits they bring with them to depositions, to the digital files that are stored on their laptops, iPads, or trial applications. Give attorneys advance awareness of these capabilities and create brief instructional videos on how to use each item that can be viewed at their convenience.

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