You may have already used video depositions to record testimonies of witnesses who are ill, in the hospital, or otherwise unable to appear in court in person. However, video testimony can also be submitted when a witness is able to attend the trial—and these depositions can help your case even before you walk into the courtroom.

Hidden Benefits of Using a Video Deposition Before and During a Trial

Before you take your next case to court, consider these lesser-known benefits of recording your witnesses’ depositions:

  • Best behavior. When you hire a videographer to be present at a deposition, you might be surprised to notice how the attitude in the room changes. The witness is often nervous, but the opposite is true of attorneys—especially those who are abrasive or disruptive. Attorneys know that everything they do will be caught on tape, and they often hold back their hostility for fear of being seen as a bully by the jury.
  • Time management. The presence of a video camera encourages everyone present to “stick to the script.” Although there is no limit to how long a deposition may last, a lack of interruptions will allow the proceedings to go more smoothly, and can shave hours off the deposition process.
  • Trial preparation. Many attorneys review videos to prepare for trial, and can be used to craft arguments, consult with expert witnesses, and help legal staff gather necessary documents for the case.
  • Faster trial process. In cases where there are a large number of witnesses, video testimony can be used to provide testimony for a number of people without the need to call each witness separately to appear in court. Some of these testimonies may even be compiled together into one video segment, saving the hours of scheduling and court time needed to recall all of the witnesses.
  • Impeachment. Showing a witness contradicting his earlier testimony is often used to great effect in court, especially is an attorney pauses the video after the conflicting information is given. Many savvy attorneys opt to add captions to their videos, ensuring that the text of the misinformation sits right underneath the witness’s face when paused.

At Casamo & Associates, we can help record and edit your deposition video to highlight the important evidence in your case. Visit our Video Deposition Services page to learn more, or use our online scheduler to set up your deposition in our conference room.

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