You don’t want to spend the extra money to hire a third party to transcribe your legal briefs, and you have plenty of staff members on hand who can be trusted to transcribe your summaries and interviews. If all you need is a recording turned into a written document, won’t legal transcriptionists offer the same final product as a court reporter?

Benefits of Using a Court Reporter as Legal Transcriptionist to Transcribe Depositions and Legal Proceedings

While many transcriptionists do fine work, there are many advantages to using court reporters to transcribe your depositions, recorded statements, hearing reports, legal briefs, caption reports, and other legal proceedings. Here are just the main benefits court reporters have to offer as transcriptionists:

  • Experience. Your office staff may be able to fumble through recorded proceedings, but it is unlikely they have the same experience, typing speed, and dedication of a certified court reporter. Court reporters deal with fuzzy audio, feedback, mumbling, rustling papers, and a variety of other noise disturbances on a daily basis, yet are committed to providing as clear a record as possible. Court reporters are also trained to “tune out” background noises and separate the voices of two speakers talking at once, allowing for a more accurate transcription.
  • Jargon. Court reporters must have excellent listening and spelling skills, which can be difficult when it comes to correctly identifying insider terminology. Your legal staff may know basic legal terms, but may not have in-depth knowledge of your caseload—a major drawback when it comes to spelling names, phrases, and even locations correctly.
  • Security. Court reporters are trained to respect attorney-client privilege, allowing the details of your case to remain confidential after transcription is complete.
  • Expedited transcripts. You may ask a member of your staff to get a transcript back to you “as soon as possible,” but if he or she has other duties or has limited transcription knowledge, that “soon” may be late than you’d like.

Our Court Reporters Deliver Fast, Accurate Transcripts

At Casamo & Associates, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to our customers’ needs. Our court reporters have dealt with time-sensitive issues in the past, and can issue rough drafts for your case preparation or may even be able to expedite your transcript. Call us at (703) 837-0076 or use our convenient online scheduler to tell us which services you require and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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