Should You Host a Videoconference, Conference Call, or In-Person Meeting?

Some people use videoconferencing only when all parties cannot be together, while others will use the technology to allow people in the same city to participate without commuting. With the widespread availability of conferencing technology used in offices, schools, and even homes today, the question isn’t can you use videoconferencing, but should you?

How to Tell If Your Meeting Will Work Better as a Videoconference or in Person

Before you give your next presentation, you should take an objective look at the pros and cons of videoconferencing to make sure your information is being delivered in the most effective way. Consider the answers to the following questions carefully:

  • Does it need to be a videoconference? Consider the purpose and scope of your meeting. Are all of the parties on-hand or nearby? Is commuting difficult for any of them? Would it be beneficial to see them face-to-face, or could a multi-way phone call accomplish the task just as easily?
  • Will anyone be left out? While many people have jumped on board the online bandwagon, some participants and coworkers may not have the same resources available. If someone necessary to the discussion doesn’t have the technology, an in-person meeting may be a better option.
  • Have you done it before? Experience hosting videoconferences can be both a pro and a con. On one hand, you’re a seasoned pro at giving presentations, and you’re unlikely to have technical difficulties if you’re familiar with the software. On the other hand, you may be assuming your team enjoys videoconferencing, when they see the technology as less productive, and would prefer to meet in person or via phone.
  • Do you have the right venue? It may be possible to run a videoconference from a single laptop, but if you have multiple teams meeting together, it is much more advisable to have all of your division together in one room. This eliminates the need for an overwhelming number of individual webcams, and allows each division to see the people who work together in a group.

At Casamo & Associates, we are proud to provide a comprehensive videoconferencing venue to ensure your meeting stays on track. Our team can coordinate all participants’ schedules, provide onsite tech support, and even help long-distance attendees find videoconferencing sites near their locations. Visit our Online Scheduler today to get started!

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