Three Major Benefits of Adding Transcription Synchronization to a Deposition Video

In the early days of videotaped depositions, attorneys would have to comb through written transcripts and highlight any sections of testimony that would be particularly effective. Then the attorneys (or their staff) would be tasked with a long editing process of finding the video clips and piecing them together to create an effective video, but there was still no way to add the transcript to the screen. Today’s technology has come a long way since then, and attorneys have several new options when it comes to text synchronization.

How Text Synchronization in Video Depositions Benefits Your Case

Today, court reporters can use digital real-time software that can be synced with your video easily, giving attorneys the added benefit of:

  • Control. Text-video synchronization makes the searching and editing process a snap. Attorneys can quickly locate portions of a deposition for presentation with minimal computer experience.
  • Clarity. Audio problems and nervous witnesses can cause testimony to become mumbled, leaving the judge and jury to revisit the text for clarification. The synched text acts as a caption to the running audio, leaving no doubt as to what is being said on the tape.
  • Speed. In the past, attorneys may have forgone the luxury of real-time synchronization due to the added turnaround time. However, court reporters can now use time stamps to sync text and video, allowing them to synchronize five hours of video in under an hour. This is done by matching the time stamps on the real-time translation with the elapsed time on the digital deposition video file, and gives the added benefit of time-stamping the testimony video as a whole for easier editing.

You don’t have to invest in the latest technology to reap the benefits for your firm. At Casamo & Associates, our court reporters can record your depositions in real time and provide you with a digital copy that can be easily searched and used in court. You may also hold your depositions in our fully-equipped conference venue, where we offer Remote Counsel access and the help of our tech support team. Click on our Online Scheduler form to make a request and we will contact you to confirm within the hour.

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