Should You or Your Client Order an Extra Transcript?

As the case you’ve worked on for months comes to a close, you begin to tie up your lose ends. You ensure that your client is prepared to take on the next chapter in her life post-proceeding, and you ensure that the case is preserved, billed, and closed properly. You hope that you’ve done your job well, and that you will part ways with your client knowing that you’ve made a lasting difference.

Is this truly the end? For many attorneys, it probably will be. After a divorce proceeding, perhaps, your ultimate goal is to have a reached an endpoint where both parties are content and satisfied. What happens, however, when there is a dispute years later? Will you need to start over again, or will there be an easier way of addressed confusion or disagreement?

Plan for Tomorrow’s Disputes With Today’s Transcripts

Deposition transcriptWhile it may not always be necessary, cases that may have a lasting effect—such as a divorce involving a couple with young children—may benefit from having a copy or two of the transcript preserved for future use. These transcripts can come in handy, and may be saved by the court or your client for future use, or simply as a “just in case.”

While divorce settlements usually have their own plethora of documentation, there may be several factors that affected the end settlement in particularly complex cases. It is not always guaranteed that new transcripts can be generated, so ordering multiple copies at once can help ensure that the hearing or case is question is preserved accurately for posterity and future peace of mind.

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