Why We Care So Deeply About Transcript Accuracy and Cleanliness

You caught us—we love creating gorgeous transcripts. From format to grammar, we respect our craft and work hard to ensure that your transcripts benefit from our keen eye for perfection. Call us transcript nerds, but generating records that are as close to flawless as possible is our passion.

Why Do Format and Quality Matter?

Besides the obvious legal requirements of a properly created legal transcript, the quality of our work is extremely important. Many people picture court reporters simply typing proceedings word-for-word into a standard Word document, and assume that if we write down everything that was said, we’re ahead of the game.

In reality, there are very strict format requirements for legal transcripts, and getting the information just right is of the highest priority. We don’t just care about the aesthetics of your transcripts (though these matter, too)—we care about their accuracy, security, and privacy.

When transcripts are lost, riddled with errors, or compromised, the cases that these documents covered are often thrown out, only to begin again. A court reporter in Florida accidentally erased the entire transcript for a murder trial in 2012, and as a result, the defendant was awarded an entirely new trial. Mistakes like these cost attorneys time and energy beyond measure, and are simply unacceptable.

At Casamo & Associates, our decades of experience have helped us secure and perfect our system, and our court reporters are thoroughly trained in the proper protocol. We understand that your case relies on our accuracy and professionalism, and we take your trust in our services very seriously. We are known for our pristine end products, and respected for our high standards; call us today for your transcription needs at (877) 837-0076.

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