Many firms opt to use someone in the office (such as a legal secretary) to create a transcript for a recorded deposition. This cost-cutting measure may work fine for some, though it does not carry many benefits of using a court reporter—and in some cases, can even render the transcript inadmissible as evidence.

Using a Court Reporter as Transcriptionist Will Ensure Admission of Your Testimony

Not only does a court reporter provide you with a written copy of legal proceedings, he or she must be present to swear in a deponent in order to make the deposition usable as evidence. If your testimony was recorded after the deponent was sworn in by a notary, you may still run the risk that the document you receive will not be clear or accurate, further delaying or harming your case.

At Casamo & Associates, we rely on our staff of certified court reporters to create fast and accurate transcripts for a wide variety of legal uses. We can produce a variety of multimedia services, including:

  • Transcripts from audio or video. We have the ability to produce transcripts from many video or audio formats, such as VHS, DVD, digital recorders, smart phones, or tablets.
  • Recording duplication. If you require copies of your deposition recording, we can duplicate and convert the file into DVD or other digital formats for distribution to witnesses, opposing counsel, and other parties. In many cases, duplication can be done same-day.
  • Captioning. Adding captions to a deposition video adds clarity and makes the video easier for the jury and judge to understand.
  • Archiving. After we send you copies of your files in the format of your choosing, your documents and recordings can be saved as digital files and archived in our system, ensuring that your case will not be delayed due to loss of evidence.

In addition to these services, Casamo & Associates also offers free troubleshooting and technical support for all of our services, protecting the integrity of your case from start to finish. To request a reporter for transcription today, use our schedule form.

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