Casamo & Associates Provides Arbitration and Mediation Court Reporting Services

In the legal world, time is money. When individuals or businesses are involved in legal troubles, it behooves them to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, which usually means that their legal woes will not make it to the courtroom.

Instead, many cases are solved through arbitration, which requires a legal record and transcript just as a trial would. Not onlyarbitration court reporting does the arbitrator need to see and certify this record, but these records serve as important evidence of what transcribed during the proceedings if the case should be subject to further review.

In order to ensure that your arbitration proceedings are recorded accurately and without bias, you need to ensure that you seek the assistance of a court reporting service that values ethics in reporting. With a track record of excellence for over two decades, Alexandria court reporting service Casamo & Associates is dedicated to getting the record straight.

Casamo & Associates: Serving Area Attorneys and Paralegals Since 1991

Casamo & Associates is a woman-owned business with over twenty years of experience in the court reporting industry. As a member of the National Court Reporters Association, Casamo & Associates court reporters hold themselves to the highest industry standards in ethics, even pledging to be an Ethics First court reporting service and recognized as an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Whether you are an attorney facing your first arbitration, or you are a seasoned veteran searching for the best, let Casamo & Associates provide the reliable, unbiased court reporting that your hard work deserves. Call us today to schedule one of our friendly, professional court reporters for your own arbitration or mediation needs.

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