Keyboard-and-gavelMany attorneys are wary of investing in high-tech recording equipment to create video depositions. While a recorded deposition may be beneficial to some attorneys for one client per year, others rely on video testimony for each and every case. The good news is that there are ways to reduce the costs of video recording, no matter how often you use the technology.

Ways to Save and Recover the Costs of Your Video Depositions

Whether you record every deposition or one in every ten, there will always be one case where a few seconds of film will be worth more than hours of written testimony. Here are just a few ways to bring the benefits of video recording to your clients’ cases without breaking the bank:

  • Record your own videos. The simplest solution for video depositions is to record the witness testimony in your own office using basic video equipment. As long as you follow the Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal and State Rules of Evidence pertaining to the use of video-recorded testimony, there is no need to hire a professional videographer. Your office staff can set up the video camera, or you can hire an intern (such as a law student) for a day. However, you will need to swear in the witness using a court reporter or notary public in order for the deposition to be used as evidence.
  • Use a freelance videographer. A videographer will give you more advantages than the do-it-yourself approach, including editing the tape, making copies, and adding chapter breaks to make it easy to find portions of testimony quickly. Freelancers provide a wide range of equipment, but also provide their services for many different occasions, so you will have to shop around to find someone who is familiar with the legal requirements of deposition recordings. The biggest advantage of using freelancers is that you are under no obligation to use them again…but, on the downside, service is hit-or-miss.
  • Use a hosted recording service. Recording software can be an expensive initial investment, not to mention the added costs of upgrading the equipment every few years. An all-in-one court reporting agency can provide attorneys with conference rooms that come fully equipped for videotaping, giving you the freedom to conduct questioning without worrying about the technical aspects of the finished product.
  • Recover the costs. Video deposition costs are part of case preparation, and can be recoverable after your case is won. Offering your client the option of a videotaped deposition becomes a win-win: a recording gives you a stronger case, making it more likely that you will prevail—and your costs will be covered in the settlement when you do.

At Casamo & Associates, we are proud to provide attorneys will everything they need to create compelling video testimony. Our conference room provides a comfortable, wireless venue for your deposition to be recorded by a CLVS-certified videographer, and we can edit and synchronize your video for one-click import into Sanction Solutions, Trial Director, Visionary, or another trial program. Contact us on this page to find out how we can be of service to you and your clients.

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