What Your Court Reporter Hears When You Say “I Need My Transcripts as Soon as Possible”

“I need this ASAP.”

As soon as possible—what does this really mean? In your daily life, it probably is closer to “as soon as it’s convenient.” Among friends, it may even mean “I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” In matters of your work—especially when your line of work is in the legal field—it means you need something, and you need it now.

Court Reporters, Transcriptions, and ASAP

As court reporters offering a transcription service, weASAP are very upfront about our expected timelines. We work quickly—very quickly—and the volume of work we can turn around in a short time is pretty astounding. Transcripts, especially high-quality transcripts, take some time, but with every hour that passes, court reporters are all too keenly aware of the repercussions should they take too long to return a finished transcript.

Over the years, there have been stories across the nation of court reporters being jailed because their transcripts took too long to complete. While this is a rare, and somewhat extreme, occurrence, there is a reason why a court report’s timeliness is so critical—people’s justice depends on it.

When court reporters cause undue delay with their transcripts, there is a very real possibility that people remain in custody longer than necessary, which is a terrible injustice. Others may live in a legal limbo of uncertainty with custody battles, violent crimes, and other important matters that go unsolved while transcripts remain unfinished for too long.

When we hear the words “as soon as possible” at Casamo & Associates, we take that request very seriously. We know how important time is to both you and your client, and we work diligently to ensure that your final transcription is finished in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. To learn more about our transcription service, contact us today at (877) 837-0077.

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