Why Good Customer Service Is Key to a Court Reporting Company’s Success

Choosing a service provider based on its customer service may seem like a Catch-22. After all, most people don’t discover how good (or bad) a company’s customer service is until they need it, so a promise of good service may imply a long history of fielding customer complaints.

However, customer service is one of the most common reasons given for hiring—and firing—a business. With all other options being equal, customers will choose to do business with a company that hears their concerns and does as much as it can to make them satisfied. It doesn’t matter what the customer’s complaint originally was; with good customer service, the complaint becomes part of the customer’s positive impression.

Check Your Court Reporting Company for These Customer Service Guarantees

Before you hire a court reporting firm for your business, always make sure it has the following options in place to serve you:

  • Professional support staff. When you work with a local court reporting agency, you may not have day-and-night access to customer service. However, the flip side to this is that you will typically be greeted by a real person with the authority to make changes when your call is picked up—making it more likely that your problems can be solved immediately.
  • A hardworking website. A business’s website should do much more than provide clients with a phone number and list of credentials. A reputable court reporting agency should offer online deposition scheduling, attorney logins, and an integrated document depository. Our online scheduler allows attorneys to save time by making special court reporter requests, book our conference room, or schedule an interpreter—and all requests are confirmed by phone within the hour.
  • One-stop shopping. Hiring multiple vendors for each of your different deposition services is often time-consuming, confusing, and costly. This is why you should consider a court reporting firm that can handle as many different aspects of your deposition as possible, from the location and reporter to the integrated electronic systems necessary for phone and video testimony.

Want to find out what Casamo & Associates can do for you? Visit our online scheduling page to explore your options.

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