Court reporters are vital to the legal world, and have arguably the most important job in the courtroom. Without them lawyers, attorneys, and litigants wouldn’t have access to a record of what transpired in trial, which is key in appeals and other legal matters.

Typically, when you think of a court reporter, you think of someone who records transcripts in court, which is correct. However, a courtroom isn’t the only place in which a reporter’s services are required.

Other Places Where Court Reporters Are Needed

Having an exact record of what was said is essential not only in the courtroom, but in a variety of other places and situations. In-demand court reporters should also provide transcription services for these other occasions, including:

  • Exhibit linking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Audio transcriptions from CDs or other digital sources
  • Commissioner’s hearings and other arbitrations
  • Specialized medical and technical litigation
  • Transcript synchronization
  • Real-time streaming of depositions
  • Board meetings, conferences, seminars, and news conferences

Casamo & Associates Can Help You in Your Legal Situations

The court reporters of Casamo & Associates are highly-trained, experienced, and distinguished in the legal field in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and northern Virginia areas.

Our reporters take pride in their speed, accuracy, and dedication to the field. Before each case, our team researches and becomes knowledgeable about the subject manner, terminology, and background, which provides transcriptions of the highest quality.

The Casamo & Associates court reporters implement the latest in technology and bring it to the courtroom with the use of voice-to-text software. Many of our reporters hold certifications in such programs, including in Communication Access Real-time Translation software.

When you are ready to hire the best reporters in the business, contact the Casamo & Associates team. Along with transcription, we can also provide you with advice, research assistance, and the hard-working help of a team that is seasoned and professional.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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