Everyone has taken that phone call from a client: the buzzing noise in the audio feed, the children yelling in the background, the sounds of wind and traffic whooshing past the window. You know that all people lead busy lives, and it can be hard to find a moment’s peace—but trying to conduct an important call amidst a storm of distractions isn’t just frustrating, it’s unproductive.

Now imagine that client is actually five people, and they’re all on the line at once.

How to Avoid Turning Your Videoconference Into a Shouting Match

Video conference calls are convenient for bringing multiple parties together, but they can quickly become a nightmare if nobody is using proper audio etiquette. Here are a few tips for minimizing noise and getting clear, crisp audio on your next videoconference:

  • Check yourself. The first step is making sure that it isn’t you who’s causing the problem. If you hear an echo, unrelated conversations, background noise, or other distracting sounds, mute your device and see if the problem goes away. If it does, stay muted until you can move to quieter location.
  • Wait your turn. People tend to act in videoconferences the same way they act in real life. A shy person may stay silent, while a belligerent client may try to “talk over” others on the call. This kind of behavior can easily make the meeting go off the rails, so ask your attendees to announce themselves before speaking, and to take turns to keep the line clear.
  • Troubleshoot. If you hear technical interference, such as clicks, static, or buzzes, you may have to play with your device’s connections to fix the problem. If adjusting the volume or switching out your microphone doesn’t help, you may have to seek out technical advice or look into upgrading your system.

If you are dreading your next conference call because of technical issues, we can help. Our on-site technical staff can help you organize and implement your long-distance conferences, getting you connected to your clients with a minimum of interruptions. Use our Online Scheduler to schedule your videoconference.

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