Woman-Owned Businesses Are Taking Off in the District of Columbia

You probably remember the old days of business: dinners with clients, endless phone conversations, and meetings with partners and higher-ups that could make or break the company. Now it seems that most of your business is conducted over email, too much emphasis is placed on what your website looks like, and there are far more women in attendance at those meetings than ever before.

Research shows that those changes in the profession may actually be related. The District of Columbia currently has one of the fastest-growing areas in the number, employment, and revenues of women-owned companies, making modern business more about what you are willing to do, rather than what you have done before.

So Why Is it So Popular to Do Business With Women-Owned Companies?

  • Women have a large presence on the web. Women have been more willing to embrace new media practices such a social networking sites and adaptive business technologies. By cultivating a strong online presence, women have been able to build their businesses from home, contact likely investors, and secure a faster return on investment. Women business owners also typically place a higher value on website design and user functionality than their male counterparts, something that will definitely set them apart in a culture that gets most of its information online.
  • Women are avid—and natural—networkers. Using Facebook, Twitter, and connections with other business owners, Casamo has a network of court reporters and deposition locations across the nation. We also make it a point to build long-lasting relationships within our network of legal businesses, only retaining those whom we really trust.
  • Women in technical fields are more likely to collaborate. In addition to welcoming technological innovations, women are typically more willing to collaborate on work projects with others and rely heavily on communication skills to work in a team. Part negotiators, part teachers, always learning, women are more willing to think outside the box for a solution to a complex problem that will work specifically for the customer’s situation.

From experienced court reporting services to technical support for trial and mediation presentations, certified woman-owned Casamo & Associates can provide everything you need for your D.C. depositions and trials. Visit our online scheduler and we will contact you within the hour to discuss which options will work best for you and your clients.

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